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story - In Mexico City's wealthiest neighborhoods, the Ochoa family runs a for-profit ambulance, competing with other unlicensed EMTs for patients in need of urgent care. In this cutthroat industry, they struggle to keep their financial needs from compromising the people in their care; tomatometers - 8,5 of 10 stars; Genres - Crime; Scores - 389 votes; Release date - 2019; writer - Luke Lorentzen.

Nocna rodzinka free online casino. I didnt know anything was wrong until the police arrived. As it turned out, Henry had been missing for twelve hours. His wife had left the front porch light on for his expected late arrival (as usual) and nestled into bed but when she awoke the next morning the sheets beside her were still folded flat. Hallway shouts went unanswered, as did phone calls. There was no truck in the driveway and after a search of the house proved fruitless, she called the police to file a missing persons report. Our rural town is small (population 2, 723) and because of the far proximity from large cities we have no “team” to rally behind during professional sporting events. So the pillar of the community is, and always has been, the local high school team (Go Cougars. where fans arrive in droves to support the kids no matter the sport. Because of this outpouring of support, everyone in town knows Henry. Not only did he attend every game with gloves fashioned to resemble cougar paws but he also had been the school custodian since the Cougars won the championship in 91. The town adored him. I adored him. So you can imagine my frustration when three sheriffs deputies made loops around my property while the sheriff, portly and stone-faced as ever, interrogated me about the truck they found across the road from my driveway. “I told you, Henry always parked there so my muddy driveway wouldnt get his truck dirty. I dont know why his truck is still there. ” “What do you mean by that? ” The sheriff asked incredulously. “My heating unit was acting up. It made rattling noises and the house smelled like gas sometimes so I needed someone to take a look. You know Henry does odd jobs all over town so I called him and asked him if he would look at it. ” “Did he? ” “I suppose. I wasnt home. Me and some buddies watched NFL at Hooligans until late and before you ask - no, I didnt drive drunk. ” “So you saw him? ” “No. ” The sheriff grunted and scratched his stubbly chin. “If you never saw him then how did you know he came by? ” “Because Henry left the backdoor unlocked. Oh, and he forgot to lift up the attic ladder. When I came inside the house was freezing. ” “How did he get in? ” “I reminded him where to find the spare key. ” “So you trust him. You two are friends? ” “Absolutely. It may seem strange but Ive known Henry my whole life. I allowed him to do the same thing the last two times hes done work at my house, let himself inside my home. Once was to patch up some drywall and the other time he replaced a sink basin in the guest bathroom. I trust him. ” “His last known location - and this is coming from his wife too - is this house. YOUR house. And now hes vanished. ” I glowered at him and lifted myself from the couch. “Are you saying Im a suspect? ” “No, ” he said with a trace of laughter (I didnt believe him. He lifted from the recliner and patted my shoulder. “Were questioning everyone, part of the job. Did you see his truck when you soberly came home last night? ” “From what your deputy said earlier it was parked near the cattle gate. I came back from Hooligans in the other direction. So no, I didnt see it. Had I seen it, I probably wouldve called you myself. ” “When did you return from the bar? ” “Late last night. Probably midnight or one. ” “If I contact those buddies of yours, the ones from the bar, theyll corroborate your story? ” “Yes, sir. I hope you do call them. ” He nodded rapidly, an acknowledgement of disbelief about most - if not all - of the things Id told him. He hitched his belt up under his belly and plodded out of my living room and toward the porch. Before the front door could close on him he caught the knob then poked his head through the threshold. “Before I go, I gotta ask. Do you believe in coincidences? ” I palmed the back of my neck. “Um, I guess so. Why? ” “When did you buy this house? ” “Last summer. Couldnt pass up on the price. ” He edged a shoulder into the foyer followed by a boot then looped a thumb in his pocket. “When I was a boy, about nine or ten, a little girl in my class went missing. Everyone - and I mean everyone - went out searching for that little girl. They even used hounds at one point but she was never found. Then a few decades later a seventy-year-old woman went missing. Food still in the pantry. Milk still in the fridge. Cash, credit cards, car keys, all in her purse. Poof, just gone. Never found her either. ” “Tragic. Really, it is. But how does that involve me? ” “Because both of those people went missing while they lived in this house. ” There was a hitch in my breath. Cement shoes. Hammering heart. Tunnel vision. The sheriff tossed me a sidelong glance. “And now we have Henry at this house one minute then poof, gone like the other two. So, do you believe in coincidences? ” “Oh, thats strange, sheriff. Ill admit. But I have no part in this. Can I give my buddies info now? ” My mind reeled as the sheriff returned to his cruiser with the names and numbers of the friends I were with the night before. He was soon followed by the other deputies that had been scouring through pasture and thickets for any trace of the missing custodian. I wanted to join the search - I really did - but despite my factual answers to the sheriff I believed he pinned me a suspect from the get-go. After a few beers to calm my nerves, I dialed my buddies one by one to explain about a possible phone call from authorities only for each to inform me they had already been contacted in the last ten minutes. Panic set in. What started as confusion had morphed into something much worse: I was a suspect in the disappearance of Henry, a beloved figure in our town. Also, there was something troubling me about the sheriffs anecdote. Not one, but two disappearances had a common thread and I was living in it. I doubt I blinked for the next hour during my online search for any evidence that could prop up what he had told me. That my home was cursed or haunted. That a construction of wood and metal and screws could instigate the disappearance of a human being. I clicked and read and bookmarked any pertinent information. As it turned out, or perhaps because he didnt know, the sheriff had understated the truth. My research informed me that my home, a ranch-style single story with a vaulted ceiling and two-car garage, had been built in 1964 by a palmy banker. He built it for his wife and family that eventually expanded to include four daughters. I came across a write-up that portrayed them as a wholesome group. Daughters who enjoyed ballet. A homemaker wife who could cook a fierce Thanksgiving turkey. A proud father who enjoyed barbecues and church services. But all that changed when he claimed his bedroom window flashed with celestial light one early morning and upon further inspection he discovered a hole had been burned in the roof. “Lightning, ” the article quoted what the banker said, “I thought it was lightning. ” The following week he left for a three-day business trip. When he returned, his wife and four daughters were gone. Authorities at the time dispelled the notion of murder or kidnapping (they blamed it on a fleeing wife who suffured through a furtive abusive relationship) and they never did any meaningful investigation to support alternative claims. The bankers body was found the day after the investigation was called off, hanging from a backyard oak. I found several articles dated a few years later about a young girl that went missing while her mother packed outdated Christmas decorations from the attic to be stored in the shed, going back and forth between the two for an hour until the joyous laughter of her daughter became an eerie silence. Gone. Taken right from under her nose by a pervert or some maniac. This was one of the stories the sheriff had told me. I read on, shocked at the words in the newspaper, quotes from grieving family members begging for a safe return that never occurred. Minutes later, I found an article about the elderly woman. The sheriff was not exaggerating: food still in the pantry, milk still in the fridge, cash and credit cards and car keys to an old Volvo were all found in her purse. Poof, the sheriff had said. No wonder the home was at such a low price when I purchased it. Unsolved mysteries tend to bring down real estate value. I remember the realtor giving me the spiel: never had a rodent problem, never had a leaky roof, never had a bug infestation, solid foundation, plenty of space; and it can be yours for such a low price, she told me; be a homeowner, come on, a millennial homeowner is a rarity these days. Her wily speech had worked. I felt stupid. Duped into the purchase of a cursed residence. Strangely, I didnt believe in the supernatural and had never personally seen a ghost or phantom or one of those floating orbs of light. To me, it was a way to energize tourism. Feast on peoples nightmares. But on that day I was caught up in something unusual. Its one thing to read about the history but now police were showing up to my home with guileful smirks. Prodding eyes that surveyed for evidence. Skepticism when I spoke. The nightmare was no longer in the past. It was later that day and the loud knocks made me wince. Two deputies stood on my porch, a pair of tall muscleheads that were obviously sent to intimidate. One more look around, they asked, if I would allow it. I had nothing to hide so their request was granted. This circuit around my home was much more in depth than the one around my property and as I followed them around like a lost puppy they upturned containers and leafed through my clothes and ransacked every cabinet. I was annoyed, sure, but felt I was helping the investigation, thinking when they realized I was uninvolved then they could focus their attention elsewhere. “Sir, were about done. Do you have a basement or attic? ” “Attic. ” “Mind if we-” “Go ahead, ” I said. “Be my guest. Let me know if the heating unit is coughing again. ” The attic ladder was unfolded from the ceiling and stabilized in the hallway. After lighting his Maglite, the bigger of the two deputies began his creaky climb into the dark void above. When the darkness swallowed him and the only sign of his location was the occasion flicker of light seen through the access opening, the second deputy planted a foot on a grooved rung and rubbed the bridge of his nose. There was a metallic rattle then a large wrench protruded from the opening, followed by the looming presence of the attic lawman. He called down to his partner. “Got a toolbox with Henrys name on it. Cuff him. ” In a blur of motion the officer near me whipped my arm behind my head in one swift movement. In the corner of my eye I saw him remove plastic restraints from his belt. I cringed in pain and shouted my innocence as I had already told the sheriff Henry had inspected my HVAC the night before but was blatantly ignored. Yet, in the commotion I heard a deep wallop from above. When my arm was released it wasnt because of my indignation. A horrific shriek blasted from the attic. The yell of a man in pain. An odd strobe effect was all I could see in the inky square above the ladder as the officers flashlight spun and twitched in the darkness above. Then all sound stopped. The officer beside me gazed up the ladder. “Jones! Jones, whats wrong? ” Silence. He turned to me but his mind was in deliberation. “Sir, I didnt do anything. ” “Shut up. Arms through here, now. Now! ” Panicked, the officer used the plastic, disposable cuff on my right wrist and looped the excess through a metal ladder hinge before fastening my left wrist. He raced upstairs to his friend. My shouts were ignored. My pleas lost in the frenzied mind of a spooked cop. The creak of the rungs moaned in agony against his weight but were barely audible against the beckoning calls to his lost brother-in-blue. He dipped the top of his head into the lightless loft then lifted his torch, spinning the beacon in a three-hundred and sixty degree angle. Once satisfied, he ascended the ladder. Darkness enveloped him. I tugged against the handcuffs but it was pointless, I was tethered to the hinge. “Oh my God! ” uttered a feeble voice from above. There was a thundering noise, footfall, then another scream of agonizing pain. Unable to believe what happened, I stood in stupid amazement at the featureless black square, waiting for the pair to materialize and joke about the size of a rat or coachroach. All a joke. A trick to play on the stupid, shackled suspect. My throat seized into itself as I waited, gaping at the nothing above my head. The muscleheads never appeared. The void of my attic seemed to swallow a pair of deputies right in front of my eyes and yet, I still didnt believe it. I jerked madly at my restraints, trying to jostle the ladder into a creaky surrender, but the screws held firm. It felt as if the frame of black was staring back at me, a window into oblivion. I started to weep. Frantic calls for help went unanswered until I heard a noise. Outside, a car door slammed. Before my head swiveled to the window my voice rose in a shrill pitch, begging for assistance. The front door was kicked in and the sheriff turned the corner, gun drawn. “What the hell is going on? Wheres Jones and Anderson? ” “Upstairs. ” Before he could set a worn boot on a rung I shouted. “No, dont. ” “What happened? ” “Something - I dont know - something is up there. Cut me loose. ” Uncertainty was swept away when he saw the terror in my face and picked up on the trembling in my voice. In a moment of judgement, he scratched under his chin and alternated with sights of me and the attics maw. He gave a quick shrug. His pocket knife released my hands from the link and I explained what happened as efficiently as possible. He took in a lungful of air and removed his Maglite. “Your house, your lead, ” the sheriff said as he thrust the flashlight to my chest. “Im not going, I dont know what-” “Sounds like my deputies were injured. For all I know youve set traps up there. You go first. ” He flicked his pistol a little and I started up the ladder, my new plastic bracelets scratching the grooved treads of each rung. By the time I was on the boundary of where the hallway light met the obscurity of the attic, I was shaking. “Hurry up. Those men have families, ” the sheriff called from behind. I plunged into the murky frontier and immediately cast every wall in light with rapid turns of the torch. When one side was clear I spun around to make another corner visible then another. I got a whiff of natural gas, the smelly mercaptan doing its job. The smell of rotten eggs. Sulfur. Hell. The sheriff was now on the third step of the ladder. “Well? ” “Nothing. ” “What? ” “Theres nothing. Its just an attic. ” A series of rafters ribbed the area above and struts rose from the attic floor to supportive beams, sending wicked shadows around the space with every turn of my wrist. Joists emerged out of fluffy pink stuff at random intervals but were otherwise covered by heaps of the rosy clouds scattered throughout the attic. Pads of the stuff overwhelmed almost every spot my flashlight landed. I found a bundle of galvanized pipes that flowed into the heating unit. The metal casing was flipped open and it emitted a tinny echo when I thumped it. I took a step deeper into the attic and my foot clanked against an old toolbox, the wrenches and pliers shuffling from the movement. The sheriff groaned his way up the ladder then joined me on the plywood board that flanked the ladder opening. He removed his cell phone and turned on the flashlight app. With both lights running at once, only small drifts of darkness hugged the corners, everything else was visible. “You son of a bitch. Was this some kind of trick? ” “I swear, sheriff. They came up here. Both of them. ” He balanced his way to a narrow strip of plywood, holding his phone at an angle to inspect the mounds of pink to his right. I took a step on an exposed joist and kept my balance with an overhead collar tie. “Careful. Dont fall through the ceiling, ” the sheriff warned. I looked around, amazed at the volume of vibrant color. “Whats all the pink stuff? ” “Insulation. Fiberglass insulation to be exact. Ive never seen so much installed before. Kind of an overkill. ” It looked so delicate. Like cotton candy. I reached for it. “Hey! Dont touch it or your hands will itch for hours. ” “Dont touch it? ” I asked, bending down to get a more solid look. “Sounds dangerous. ” “No, its perfectly safe if-” The narrow plank of wood gave way and the sheriff tumbled into the fluffy mass below. As I approached he mumbled a string of vulgarity and was busy rolling on his back like a upended turtle. His palm caught a joist and he began lifting himself, leveraging his weight with his knee. Then he let out a blood-curdling scream. He tossed his phone and began yelling for help, his arms groping and reaching out for me while the shine from his whirling phone strobed through the air. To correct the dimness (and my bewilderment) I pointed my flashlight to the ailing officer and watched as his attempts to lift onto a joist was hindered. He grasped the wooden support and strained to roll over. When he pivoted there was no longer cloth covering his back, but a viscous tar substance growing taunt against his bare skin. I thought he had dug his heel into the pillowy fluff to gain traction but upon a longer inspection witnessed the fluff engulf his boot, rolling over his lower leg like clouds in the wind. By the time I set the flashlight on the ground and balanced my way down the narrow lumber, half of his body was submerged under knolls of pink. My hand embraced his and after anchoring myself to a beam with the other arm, pulled the sheriff with all my might. He was coughing and sputtering blood, not yelling words per say but hoarse onamonapias of agony. One arm that had previously been embedded suddenly elevated into the open air but when I reached for it saw most of the skin was eaten away and the muscles were steaming and pulsing. He continued to rise out of the blushy lumps as I hauled him closer to freedom. Then the pink stuff pulled back. His hand was sucked out of my grasp. When the sheriff finished his plunge, his rotund face slipping beneath the swelling insulation, he was still and no longer calling out. I tiptoed along the beam and fetched my flashlight at the mouth of the opening before my descent. A faint, mechanical whirring noise caught my attention. The smell of natural gas grew strong again and gave me an idea. Before I could find out if the insulation was sentient enough to chase its prey, I raced down the ladder and folded it up. I stood on a chair and duct-taped the narrow slits of the opening and hinges then closed every ceiling register in my home. I duct-taped an ice pack around my thermostat then set the temperature to 90. Before I exited, I stuffed a lighter in my pocket. I went to the shed and collected a pair of five gallon gasoline jugs that were filled to the brim. My plan was to wait five hours before I incinterated my home but calls were streaming from the ownerless police cars in my driveway so I knew my time was limited. I waited an hour, then two. On the third hour I heard my name and address on the radio so I went to work. I spent nearly ten minutes dowsing the pine straw on my roof with the gasoline but saved enough to crudely fashion a molotov cocktail from a strip of cloth and empty beer bottle. I lit the cloth and tossed the flaming projectile onto my roof just as the wailing sirens became audible. The fire caught and incinerated the pine straw in an instant. Without warning a massive explosion obliterated half of my roof, shattering every window of my home and knocking down the east wall. Debris rained from above and I leapt under an oak tree to avoid injury. The fire took and ate its way through the attic, and ultimately my entire house. As the flames licked up the sides of my house and the glow of the blaze burned with an unparalleled magnificence, I was handcuffed (again, except with metal cuffs this time) and violently tossed into the back of a deputys cruiser. The officers watched the fire, reporting to the dispatcher about arson and homicide, begging for a firetruck as soon as possible. Looking back, Im not sure which was more strenuous, that day or the ordeal that followed. I was treated as a murderer until a vigilant search of the charred remains of my house was finalized. No bodies were found. Refusal to believe my story was common but I endured. After three years of court battles I am a free man. Too many inconsistencies, I later found out many jurors said. Not enough evidence or motive. The reason Im telling this story is simple. Last week, a man approached me in a diner and slid into the booth across from me. He was pale and twitchy, nervously eyeing out the window like he was being followed. He told me that he was serving in the Army National Guard several years ago when his unit was mobilized for a covert operation. Their job, he explained, was to cordon off a small quarantine zone. Keep anyone from entering. Simple. Routine. He leaned in close when he told me the quarantine zone was the spot where my house burned and the surrounding field. He was assigned the mission the day after everything transpired. Too bad it didnt belong to me anymore as the property had been eminent domained by the government and seized immediately after my arrest (I knew their excuse was bullshit. Nervously, the stranger said that scientists wearing hazmat suits began collecting wads of bright pink material and sequestering them to steel containers. Fellow soldiers in his National Guard unit joked they were protecting a cotton candy stand. He said in a wistful tone that his fellow soldiers werent joking anymore. When I asked him why he was telling me all this, he grimaced. Before I could slide out of the booth and leave the stranger, he clung onto my wrist. “Im trying to tell you, ” he said with a fearful quiver. “It got out. The pink stuff got out. It could be. anywhere. ”.

Two years ago today I went back to Mass for the first time. I know those of you who have been around for years have heard my story (and some of you even helped me with my return to the Church- thank you. but since it's my anniversary and also Free Friday, I thought I'd post a rundown for anyone interested (sorry, it turned out to be much longer than I was originally intending. I was raised nominally Catholic. My parents weren't very religious at all, but it was tradition in our family to at least put your kids through religious ed, so they sent us to those classes, even though we rarely went to Mass or were involved with anything at the church outside of religious ed. When I was in 9th grade, I became one of those annoying teenage atheists and I started a debate with the priest at a Confirmation retreat, so my parents and the priest decided to allow me to drop out of classes before I made my Confirmation. The thing I feel most guilty about is during that time I turned all three of my impressionable little sisters atheist and they still are. After my first year of college, I came back to the Church. I read Da Vinci Code on the plane home from school that summer and I was intrigued by the monk's faith, but also knew the depiction of the Church wasn't right, so I started doing some research. That summer was an intense three months of spiritual searching. I started with a few weeks of looking at Protestant material and then I moved to Catholicism for Dummies and then more advanced Catholic material. I realized how many misconceptions I had about what Catholics actually believe. I also started praying. I remember the first few weeks laying in bed praying and feeling like I was talking to the ceiling like an idiot. But eventually, as I learned more and prayed more, I started feeling like someone was listening. I started going to Mass a few weeks in and by the end of the summer I went to confession for the first time in four years and got myself signed up to go through RCIA at the parish by my school to get my Confirmation. The next three years I was super duper Catholic. I got very involved with one of the largest Catholic Facebook groups at the time. Back then Facebook groups had dedicated discussion forums and actually reminded more of reddit subs in the way they were structured. I got really into apologetics and learned about the Faith mostly by jumping into arguments with people about things I knew very little about and researching my answers as I went. It was a very effective means of gitting gud fast. I also started discerning a religious vocation during that time, I got a spiritual director, and I visited a few communities. After college I had a crisis of faith. I was really struggling with the idea of the Trinity and the incarnation. I couldn't wrap my mind around it and no amount of explanation from the myriad of well-educated Catholics I had met online was helping. So the year after college I converted to Reform Judaism. I believed in the Abrahamic God, I just struggled with Christ, so I thought Judaism made perfect sense. It was the middle of the recession when I graduated college, and I after a year of being at my parents' house without finding a job I joined AmeriCorps and went and taught 2nd grade at a Catholic mission school on the Navajo Reservation for two years. So three months after becoming a Jew, I went and became a Catholic missionary. Being in the middle of the desert without a Jewish community led me to becoming very lax in my practice, so over that time period I settled into "spiritual, but not religious. My service finished, I went back home, got a job, got into a terrible four year long relationship, and went back and forth between being agnostic and "spiritual. Two years ago, I remember getting the urge to go to the Midnight Mass. I don't know where it came from as I hadn't even thought about Catholicism in like 7 years. It was completely off my radar. But I thought "it'd be nice to go. I didn't. A few weeks later, on a random Monday in January, I suddenly got an even stronger urge to go to daily Mass. Again, I didn't. I also didn't on Tuesday. But then on Wednesday, I went. It was surreal sitting in that church I had spent so much time in in college. It was a bit different- it got renovated while I was gone- but also so much the same. It felt like home while also feeling foreign. And to top it off, my spiritual director from college was back as pastor, so I even had a familiar face up at the altar. It was like I was in a time warp. That night I was writing about it in my journal and reflecting. I said aloud "I don't know why I went" and a voice replied clear as day, Because I called you there. I'd never had anything like that happen before and I never have since. I still didn't quite believe in the whole Catholicism thing, but that voice was very clear and very final and I felt almost a drive to be obedient to it. So I went back to Mass the next day. And the next. And every day since. I started working through the problems that had led me away from the Church in the first place. I started posting on here (I was already addicted to reddit, so the Catholicism subreddit was the natural place for me to go. I re-read some of the old explanations people had given me when I was struggling in college and I found they suddenly made a lot more sense. Maybe I was just more mature in my thinking process. Maybe it was the Holy Spirit finally granting me clarity in that area. But it made sense. Those first few months were difficult. After a few days, my pastor/former spiritual director noticed me in the pew. I still remember his face. He was lighting a candle by the altar and looked up, caught my eye, and made a shocked, disbelieving face like he had seen a ghost. The next day he hung by the door after Mass until I came out and he called out to me "Hey stranger! It's good to see you. It's especially good to see you HERE. How are you. Ok. You don't sound ok. I'm just. confused. Want to talk about it. And we sat down and talked for over an hour. He encouraged me to get out of the bad relationship I was in. That was super hard. I lived with the guy. We had a house and a dog and a life together. We were planning on spending the rest of our lives together. But he was very anti-religion and just an overall negative person and I knew I didn't want to be a negative person like that. The constant negativity was eating at me. Breaking up with him and moving out and back to my parents house (it was all I could afford) was one of the hardest decisions I've ever made, but it was definitely for the best. And the rest is history. I've never been one to be a lukewarm Catholic. I'm either completely out of the Church or I'm a daily Mass going, internet-arguing, 5-fold scapular wearing super crazy Catholic. I jumped right back into that like I had never left. It felt weird at first jumping into discussions on this board. Here I was a newly returned Catholic answering other people's questions about the Faith, but I found all the knowledge I had gained in my internet apologetics during college was still there- it just had to be brought back to the surface. And it came back quickly. And I was continuing to learn at a deeper level. My prayer life grew and I got more and more involved in my parish. My pastor took me on as a spiritual directee again (though right now we're not meeting, as he's overwhelmed with work. I started discerning a vocation again. Last February I decided I was spending so much time learning about the Faith online I might as while channel that into something productive and I started working on my Master of Arts in Sacred Theology. Now I'm looking to dedicate my life to the Church, though I still don't know how. Religious life is still on the table- I have an offer to live with some sisters in Texas next fall for a live in year of discernment (I would get a job outside the convent and continue my online classes while living with them. I'm thinking and praying on that. But if a good job opens up as a parish religious ed director or a high school theology teacher, I would take that as well. Another thought is to eventually go for a doctorate and become a professor. Being a canon lawyer would also be awesome, but that costs 120, 000 and there's no way I could afford that. So that's where I'm at now. And this turned out WAY WAY WAY longer than I was intending.

Nocna rodzinka free online dating. Ive worked for an airline at EIA for a number of years now and Ive come to learn a few things that have changed the way I travel. I want to pass them on to you so you are informed and hopefully the next time you fly, it will be an enjoyable, stress-free experience. Booking a ticket. Regardless of the way you booked your ticket (Expedia/travel agent/airline) please review the itinerary they send you right away with very critical eyes. Most will allow changes/corrections within the first 24 hour for FREE. Some fares that you buy will not allow any changes after that so if you make a mistake, with dates for example, you will be out of luck and have to purchase a new ticket. Check your NAME. Is it spelled right? Is it exactly the way it shows in your Passport or Drivers License? If not, theyll have to change that. Dont wait until the airport. That adds time and if you book with one of those cheap ticket websites, they take longer to fix. You run the risk of missing your flight. And when they make the announcement at the gate to check the name on your boarding pass for any errors/nicknames, etc… it. We will not take a delay for a name change. If we cant get it fixed in time, you will miss your flight. Check the DATES. Did the person you were speaking with get the dates right? Heres one I see all the time: You want to take the 12:10 am red-eye to Toronto? Your ticket says March 2, for ex. March 2 begins at midnight, one second after March 1 ends. So dont get up on March 2, have your brekky, start packing, clean the house, drive to the airport, and try to check in for your flight. Because youve already missed it. It seems like a no-brainer but I personally had to tell a woman flying to Jamaica for a wedding that she had missed her flight. She wanted to fly out on the red-eye the evening of May 16th. So she booked it for May 16th. Shed already missed it. She needed to book it for May 17th. So please check your dates right away! Is it a connecting flight? Do you have enough time in between to handle any uncertainties? I have seen so many delays that cause people to miss their connecting flights. Every. Damn. Day. Intoxicated people having to be pulled off. Medicals. Mechanical. Deicing. Crew issues. Fog in Vancouver will shut shit down for hours. I know you dont want to sit in an airport doing nothing, I get that. But it sure beats the anxiety, and then the realization, that youre going to miss your connecting flight to XYZ. And oh yeah, its the only flight out to XYZ that day. Youll be re-booked for tomorrow. And if its a weather related delay, now everyone is getting re-booked onto the next available flights so maybe bye-bye to sitting together. I ALWAYS book a min 4-5 hour between my connection flights. My family was not happy with my last itinerary because I booked a connecting flight with a 7 hour layover. We boarded our flight in Edmonton while Vancouver was experiencing a ground stop because of fog. The flight was delayed for almost 3 hours, then we sat on the plane for another hour. We made our connecting flight to Maui and there was no stress. S* t happens. Be like me. Bring a book. Resend the itinerary to yourself periodically. Lets say you book a flight 9 months in advance. Every couple of months, log on to the airline website with your reservation code and resend the itinerary to yourself. Are the flight times and your pre-paid seats still the same? Airlines will change aircraft around all the time and if they have to downgrade to a smaller aircraft, you may lose your pre-paid seat selection. If you dont notice until you show up at the airport, not much we can do. Sometimes youll get a notification but not always. Case in point: Expedia. If you book with Expedia and give them your email address and phone number, they almost NEVER transfer that information over to us. When the airline makes a change, we send out notification to the email on file. So we can NEVER let you know. If you book with a discount online vendor, do yourself a favour after and phone the airline youre using and add that information to your file. Seat Selection. Dont want to pay extra when you book? No problem. Did you know that you can check in 24 hours ahead of time and choose your seats for free? Please dont wait until you get to the airport and ask to be seated together. On a sold-out flight, the answer will be NO. Exceptions to this will be people travelling with children, and BASIC fares (basic gets no seat selection. ID requirements. This is a Transport Canada rule that all airlines have to follow. You must have valid, government issued photo ID to travel. If its expired, it will be invalid. The airline will deny you, but its not the airlines fault. I want to say again that its a Transport Canada rule that all airlines have to follow. And since you dont get notices anymore that your Drivers License is about to expire, most people are quite surprised when I tell them its expired. Then you have to scramble to find two other pieces of ID that will work. Keep an eye on it or always travel with your passport and DL. But I didnt hear the announcement in the Premium lounge! There are no announcements in the lounges and restaurants. People dont want to hear that while theyre reading/napping/relaxing/eating. And you probably didnt know this but boarding announcements/final boarding calls are actually a courtesy and NOT REQUIRED. Headed into the Premium lounge? Set your alarm. Want to take a nap? Set your alarm. Oy! The number of times Ive heard ‘I fell asleep and missed my flight. Doors to your flight will close 10 minutes before your flight. This is because the pilot has to give his final passenger numbers to load control for weight & balance. Once a flight is closed at the 10 minute mark there is no opening it again for you. Even if its still sitting there. So dont get mad at the gate agent, they can do nothing. And lastly. If you dont fly the first leg of your round-trip flight, you will lose the second leg. If you know youre not going to make that first leg but still want the return, like maybe something personal has happened and youll drive to Vancouver instead) phone the airline and tell them. They will be able to save the second leg. Except if its a BASIC fare. You will lose that one entirely. TLDR: Review your itinerary as soon as they send it to you/ book longer layovers/ seat selection is free 24 hours before your flight/ valid ID is a Transport Canada rule/ doors close 10 minutes before your flight departs so be there or be 2.

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There's a TON here, so please check out everything, as items can be easy to miss! 1) Consoles/Console Lots 2) Controllers/Accessories 3) Games 4) Factory Sealed Games Feel free to ask for detailed pictures on anything! Pictures for a lot of items are hyperlinked throughout the post. If you want more photos on any items, just ask! I'm honestly cool with taking as many photos as you'd like. 1) Consoles/Console Bundles Consoles are all tested thoroughly and working. ALL consoles listed have all cords needed to play right away Nintendo Black Nintendo Gamecube w/ OEM Platinum Controller, OEM Gray Memory Card -60 Nintendo 64 w/ Expansion Pack, OEM Controller -65 Top Loading NES w/ Wishbone Controller -95 Sony PSP 1000 White Bundle w/ Charger (two loose games pictured not included) 60 PS2 w/ Dualshock Controller, Memory Card -45 2) Controllers/Accessories Controllers are all OEM and tested thoroughly. Any defects are noted. NES NES Advantage Controller -19 Gray Zapper -9 Orange Zapper -9 OEM NES Controller -6 Nintendo 64 Atomic Purple Controller (joystick solid) 17 Gold Controller (paint fading, loose joystick) 10 Red Controller (loose joystick) 10 Playstation/PS2 Original Playstation Controller, Factory Sealed -40 Blue Dualshock 2 Controller -13 Green Dualshock 2 Controller -11 Sega CD Lethal Enforcers Light Gun in Box (includes game) 74 Sega Dreamcast OEM Controller -10 White VMU -9 Sega Genesis 3-button controller (many available) 6 3-button controller in box -19 Sega Saturn Virtua Cop 2 (Big Box w/ Light Gun) 90 XBOX 360 Black wireless controller -14 Wired Guitar Hero II Controller (2 available) 50 3) Games Games are CIB, unless otherwise noted. Games are all working great, and condition of games ranges from good to like new. As a precaution, assume discs and cases/artwork will show normal wear. Feel free to ask for pictures of any game(s) N64 CIB 007 Golden Eye (Game of the Year, missing manual) 25 Diddy Kong Racing (Player's Choice) 39 Perfect Dark -25 Star Wars Episode 1 Racer -20 Star Wars Rogue Squadron -28 Super Mario 64 (Players Choice. 55 Tom & Jerry Fists of Fury -79 Turok Dinosaur Hunter -34 Zelda Ocarina of Time -44 Game Only 1080 Snowboarding -8 All Star Baseball 99 -5 Army Men Sarge's Heroes 2 -10 BattleTanx -11 Blast Corps -11 Cruisin' USA -9 Doom 64 -29 Excitebike 64 -9 F1 World Grand Prix -5 Hexen -11 Hey You Pikachu -6 Ken Griffey Jr Baseball -6 Knockout Kings 2000 -5 Madden Football 64 -5 Mario Kart -29 Mario Party -29 Mario Tennis -18 Monster Truck Madness -10 Mortal Kombat Trilogy (has sticker on front) 19 Namco Museum -8 Nascar 2000 -5 NBA Courtside -5 NBA Showtime -10 NFL Quarterback Club 98 -5 NFL Quaterback Club 99 -5 NHL Blades of Steel 99 -9 NHL Breakaway 99 -6 Quake II -14 Star Wars Shadows of the Empire -8 Tony Hawk Pro Skater (sticker has some bubbling) 8 Top Gear Rally -8 Wave Race 64 -9 WCW Mayhem -5 WCW NWO World Tour -5 Wrestlemania 2000 -9 WWF War Zone -5 WWF No Mercy -16 NES CIB Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy -28 Super Mario Bros 3 -33 Carts Only 720 -6 8 Eyes -10 Adventure Island -9 Adventures of Bayou Billy -5 Adventures of Dino Riki - 7 Anticipation -6 Athena -8 Bad Dudes -5 Bandai Golf Challenge Pebble Beach -6 Baseball -5 Bases Loaded -6 Bases Loaded II -5 Battletoads -17 Blades of Steel -8 Blaster Master -8 Bionic Commando -11 Burgertime -10 Captain Skyhawk -5 Castlevania -20 Castlevania II -13 Castlevania III -30 Castlequest -7 Cobra Command -7 Contra -22 Donkey Kong Classics -13 Dragon Warrior -13 Dr. Mario -6 Duck Tales -13 Dudes with Attitude -8 Excitebike -8 Friday the 13th -11 Golgo 13 -6 Gotcha -6 Gradius -12 Gyromite - 6 Gyruss -9 Hoops -5 Ice Hockey -5 Immortal -11 Iron Sword -5 Jackal -10 Jaws -8 John Elways Quarterback -5 Jordan vs. Bird One on One -5 Joshua the Battle of Jericho -18 Jurassic Park -12 Karate Champ -6 Krazy Kreatures -14 Kung Fu -8 Legendary Wings -10 Little Nemo Dream Master - 10 Major League Baseball -5 Maniac Mansion -17 Mega Man -48 Metal Gear -10 Metroid -14 Mike Tyson's Punchout -19 Ninja Gaiden -11 Othello -5 Pac Man (Tengen) 9 Pinball -5 Pinbot -6 Popeye -10 Rampage -12 R. C. Pro AM -6 Robocop -5 Rygar -8 Scheherazade (The Magic of) 11 Section Z 5 Screw - 8 Sesame Street 123 -5 Skate or Die 2 -6 Slalom -9 Star Tropics -8 Super Mario Bros -9 Super Mario Bros II -11 Super Mario Bros III -10 Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt -5 Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt/World Class Track Meet -6 T & C Surf Designs -5 Tecmo Bowl -8 Tecmo Super Bowl -17 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -7 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, The Arcade Game -10 Tetris -7 The Last Starfighter -13 The Legend of Kage -8 The Little Mermaid -7 The Magic of Scheherazade -13 Tiny Toon Adventures -11 Top Gun -5 Top Gun Second Mission -6 Top Players Tennis -5 Track and Field II -5 Trojan 5 Screw -8 Wheel of Fortune -5 Wild Gunman 5 Screw-14 Willow -10 World Class Track Meet -5 Wrath of the Black Manta -5 WWF Wrestlemania -5 Wrestlemania Challenge -5 Xexyz -10 Zelda -15 Nintendo 3DS Mega Man Legacy Collection Collector's Edition (Gold Amiibo Bundle) Factory Sealed -78 Angry Birds Trilogy -7 Cubic Ninja -15 The Hidden -10 Carts Only Pacman Party 3D -12 Pokemon Sun -14 Panasonic 3DO Alone in the Dark -19 Blade Force -10 Gridders -16 Killing Time (Game and Case) 27 Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes (Long Box) 52 Quaratine (Long Box) 30 Road Rash (long box, no manual) 38 Seal of the Pharoh (Game and Case) 20 Space Hulk (long box, no manual) 27 Total Eclipse (Game and Case) 12 Twisted the Game Show (game and manual) 12 Playstation Long Box Games Air Combat -14 Battle Arena Toshinden -15 ESPN Extreme Games -13 Kileak the DNA Imperative -13 Krazy Ivan (no manual, Blockbuster disc -9 PGA Tour Golf -8 Ridge Racer -15 War Hawk -14 Regular Games 007 The World is not Enough (Greatest Hits) 6 Apocolypse -13 Beyblade -6 Broken Helix -9 Casper -7 Cool Boarders 3 -6 Covert Ops, Nuclear Dawn -10 Creatures -7 Cyber Tiger -5 Dave Mirra BMX - 5 Diablo -58 Driver -8 Driver 2 -9 Driver 2 (Greatest Hits) 8 Dukes of Hazard 2 -8 Final Fantasy VII -35 Ford Racing - Gex -12 Grand Turismo 2 (Greatest Hits) 7 Grand Theft Auto 2 Collector's Edition -24 Grudge Warriors -6 Gunfighter the Legend of Jesse James -7 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone -8 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Greatest Hits) 8 Jeopardy -5 Jet Moto 3-7 Kiss Pinball -5 Knockout Kings 2000 -6 Lego Racers -11 Lode Runner -20 Matt Hoffman's Pro BMX -7 Megaman X4 -17 Mega Man 8 (Greatest Hits) 11 MTV Music Generator -10 Mortal Kombat Trilogy (Greatest Hits) 17 Moto Racer -6. 25 Nascar Rumble -10 Need for Speed High Stakes -8 Need for Speed 3 Hot Pursuit (Greatest Hits) 7 Need for Speed V Rally -7 Newman Haas Racing -5 NFL Blitz -8 Ninja Shadow of Darkness -14 Nuclear Strike -6 Pac Man 20th Anniversary -9 Perfect Weapon -6 Polaris Snowcross - 5 Pong -5 Pro Pinball Fantastic Journey -5 Rampage 2, Universal Tour -16 Rainbow Six -6 Rainbow Six, Lone Wolf -6 Rally Cross II - Rayman, Greatest Hits - 11 Rayman Brain Games -6 Shrek Treasure Hunt - 6 Snocross Championship Racing -5 Spec Ops Ranger Elite -5 Spec Ops Stealth Patrol -5 Spongebob Squarepants, Supersponge (Greatest Hits) 6 Spyro the Dragon (Greatest Hits) 13 Star Wars Rebel Assault 2 -8 Street Sk8r -6 Street Sk8er 2 - 7 Team Losi RC Racer - 8 Tenchu Stealth Assassin's -13 Tenchu 2 -17 Ten Pin Alley - 5 Ten Pin Alley (Greatest Hits) 5 The Grinch -14 The Legend of Dragoon (Greatest Hits) 20 Tiny Tank -10 TNN Motorsports Hardcore 4x4 -5 Tomb Raider II -8 Tony Hawk 2 - 14 Top Gun (Long Box, no manual) 8 Twisted Metal III Greatest Hits -11 WCW NWO Thunder -7 Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits - 8 World's Scariest Police Chases -8 World Worms Party -10 Xena Warrior Princess - 8 Playstation 2 007 Agent Under Fire - 5 Ace Combat 5 -6 Activision Anthology -7 Airborne Troops -5 AMF Extreme Bowling -5 Antigrav -5 Area 51 -14 Art of Fighting Anthology -13 Atari Anthology -7 ATV Off Road Fury 2 -5 ATV Off Road Fury 2 (Greatest Hits) 5 Barbie Horse Adventures Wild Horse Rescue -9 Batman Begins -8 Batman Rise of Sin Tzu -10 Batman Vengeance -10 Ben 10, Protector of Earth (Greatest Hits, Game and Case) 5 Big Mutha Truckers - 7 Big Mutha Truckers 2 -7 Brothers in Arms, Earned in Blood -5 Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30 (Game and Case) 5 BMX XXX -6 Buffy the Vampire Slayer -14 Bully (Greatest Hits) 10 Burnout 3 -12 Burnout Revenge -7 Buzz Junior Jungle Party -7 Call of Duty 3 -5 Call of Duty Legacy Bundle -11 Call of Duty World at War (Greatest Hits, Game and Case) 5 Capcom Classics Collection Volume 1 -10 Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2 -10 Capcom vs SNK 2 (Game and Case) 28 Cart Fury -7 Casper Spirit Dimensions -7 Castle Shigami 2 -20 Chaos Legion -11 Civil War, a Nation Divided -5 Conflict Vietnam - 7 Conflict Desert Storm - 6 Corvette -5 Crash Wrath of Cortex (Greatest Hits) 7 D1 Professional Drift Grand Prix Series -17 Dark Cloud 2 (former rental copy) 16 Devil May Cry -6 Devil May Cry 2 -7 Dora Saves the Mermaids - 5 Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 - 9 Dragon Ball Z, Budokai 3 -12 Dragon Ball Z Sagas -12 Driver 3-10 Drome Racers -5 Dr. Muto -10 Dynasty Warriors 4 -7 Dynasty Warriors 4 Empires -10 Dynasty Warriors 5 (Game and Case) 8 Ejay Club World -5 Egg Mania Eggstreme Madness -5 Enter the Matrix Path of Neo -11 Enter the Matrix (Greatest Hits) 5 Enthusia Professional Racing -7 Eragon - 5 Falling Stars -10 Family Feud -6 Family Guy -8 Fatal Fury Battle Archives Volume 1 -12 Fatal Fury Battle Archives Volume 2 -15 Fight Night Round 3 -8 Final Fantasy X -6 Final Fantasy X -6 Final Fantasy X-2 -10 Final Fantasy XI Chains of Promithia Expansion Pack -9 Final Fantasy XII -6 Finding Nemo (Greatest Hits) 5 Fire Pro Wrestling Returns -11 Fisherman's Bass Club -5 Ford vs Chevy (Game and Case) 5 Ford Racing 3 -5 Formula One 2001 -5 Front Mission 4 -10 Full Metal Alchemist Broken Angel -12 Fur Fighters - 7 Ghost in the Shell, Standalone Complex -19 Ghost Rider -8 Godai Elemental Force -5 God of War -8 God of War II -7 God of War II (Greatest Hits) 7 Godzilla Unleashed -23 Grand Theft Auto Vice City -5 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas -8 Gran Turismo 3 -5 Gran Turismo 3 (Greatest Hits) 5 Gran Turismo 4 -5 Guilty Gear X -12 Guilty Gear XXX Accent Core -13 Guilty Gear XXX Accent Core Plus -29 Gun -7 Hard Rock Casino -5 Haven Call of the King - 6 Herdy Gerdy -6 High Rollers Casino - 5 High School Musical Sing it! 5 Hitman Blood Money -7 Hitman 2 Greatest Hits -5 Hitman Trilogy -15 Hot Shots Tennis -5 Hot Wheels World Race -10 Hulk -7 Intellevision Lives! 8 IHRA Professional Drag Racing 2005 -5 IHRA Drag Racing Sportsman Edition-6 Island Xtreme Stunts -9 Jak and Dexter (Greatest Hits case) 6 Jak II -6 Jak III -7 Jaws Unleashed -10 Jeep Thrills - 5 Jeopardy -5 Jurassic the Hunted -9 Justice League Heroes -9 Katamari Damacy -10 King of Fighters 98-34 King of Fighters 2001-16 King of Fighters 2006-12 King of Fighters XI-12 Legend of Spyro, A New Beginning -11 Legend of Spyro, Dawn of the Dragon -23 Legend of Spyro, the Eternal Night -11 Legends of Wrestling -7 Lego Star Wars (Greatest Hits. 6 Lethal Skies 2 -7 Madden 2003 -5 Madden 2004 -5 Madden 2005 -5 Manhunt 2 -20 Marvel Nemesis Rise of the Imperfects -8 Marvel Super Hero Squad -6 Marvel Ultimate Alliance Special Edition -7 Mary Kate and Ashley Sweet 16 -5 Max Payne (Greatest Hits) 6 Max Payne 2 -6 Maximo Ghosts to Glory -11 Medal of Honor Frontline -6 Medal of Honor European Assault -6 Medal of Honor Rising Sun -6 Mega Man Anniversary Collection -8 Mega Man X Collection -8 Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty -6 Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater -8 Metal Slug Anthology -20 Midnight Club (Greatest Hits) 7 Midnight Club 2 (Greatest Hits, Game and Case) 7 Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Remix (Greatest Hits) 15 Midway Arcade Treasures - 8 Midway Arcade Treasures 1 - 10 Midway Arcade Treasures 2- 12 Midway Arcade Treasures 3- 12 Mike Tyson's Heavyweight Boxing -8 Mobil Suit Gundam Encounters in Space -13 Mobil Suit Gundam Never Ending Tomorrow -12 Monster Jam Maximum Destruction -7 Monsters Inc -7 Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance -9 Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks -18 Motor Mayhem -5 Mountain Bike Adrenaline -5 MTV Music Generator 3 -5 Narc - 9 Nascar 05 -5 Nascar 07 -5 NBA Street -8 NBA 2K2 -5 NBA Live 04 -5 NBA Live 06 -5 NCAA Basketball 2009 -7 Need for Speed Carbon Collector's Edition -12 Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 -8 Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 (Greatest Hits) 9 Need for Speed Most Wanted -11 Need for Speed Underground - Neo Geo Battle Coliseum -13 NHL 06 -5 NHL 08 -5 Odin Sphere -10 Onimusha -7 Onimusha 2 -9 Onimusha 3 -11 Onimusha Dawn of Dreams -20 Outlaw Golf -7 Outrun 2006 -25 Pac Man Fever -7 Pac Man World 2 (Greatest Hits) 8 Power Drome -5 Power Rangers Dino Thunder -7 Prince of Persia Sands of Time -6 Prince of Persia Warrior Within -6 Project Eden -6 Rampage, Total Destruction -8 Ratchet and Clank Going Commando (Greatest Hits) 7 Ratchet and Clank Up Your Arsenal -7 Ratchet: Deadlocked -7 Rayman Arena -7 RC Revenge Pro -6 Rebel Raiders -5 Red Faction (Greatest Hits) 5 Resident Evil 4 (Greatest Hits) 7 Ring of Red 3 (rental store copy) 13 Risk Global Domination -7 Rock Band -5 Rocket Power Beach Bandits -7 Rocky -7 RPG Maker II (Game and Case) 7 Ruff Trigger The Vancore Conspiracy (Game and Case) 7 Rumble Racing -11 Rune Viking Warlord -8 Samurai Showdown Anthology -23 SBK Superbike World Championship -5 Scooby Doo Mystery Mahem -11 Scooby Doo Night of 100 Frights -10 Sega Classics Collection -9 Sega Genesis Collection -8 Shadow of the Colossus (Greatest Hits) 7 Shark Tale -5 Shaun Palmer's Pro Snowboarder -5 Shining Force Neo -21 Silent Hill 2 (Game and Case) 29 Silent Scope -5 Ski Doo Snow Racing -5 Sly Cooper (Greatest Hits) 7 Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves -8 SNK Classics Collection Volume 1 -16 Socom Combined Assault (Greatest Hits) 5 Socom US Navy Seals (Greatest Hits) 5 Sonic Heroes (Greatest Hits) 7 Sonic Mega Collection Plus -7 Sonic Riders -10 Sonic Unleashed -7 Soul Calibur II -6 Soul Calibur III -10 Space Race (Game and Case) 9 Spiderman -7 Spiderman Friend of Foe -8 Splashdown -5 Splashdown Rides Gone Wild -7 Spongebob Revenge of the Flying Dutchman -8 Sprint Cars, Road to Knoxville -5 Spyro, Enter the Dragonfly-10 Starsky and Hutch -5 Stars Wars The Force Unleashed (Greatest Hits) 6 Star Wars Starfighter -5 Street Fighter Alpha Anthology -11 Street Fighter Anniversary Collection -9 Street Racing Syndicate -9 Strike Force Bowling -5 Summoner -7 Summoner 2 -9 Super Trucks Racing -5 Superman Shadow of Apokolips -7 Syphon Filter the Omega Strain -5 Taito Legends -14 Taito Legends 2 (Game and Case) 19 Tak and the Power of Juju -8 Teen Titans -14 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -10 Tekken 5 (Greatest Hits, Game and Case) 8 Terminator 3, Rise of the Machines -9 Tetris Worlds -5 The Cat in the Hat -7 The Getaway Black Monday -8 The Godfather -10 The Godfather Limited Edition -15 The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction -11 The Incredibles Rise of the Underminer -7 The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring-7 The Lord of the Rings the Two Towers (Greatest Hits) 6 The Scorpion King -5 The Sims -7 The Sims Bustin Out -8 The Sims 2 -7 The Simpsons Road Rage (Greatest Hits) 7 The Sopranos -7 The Urbz, Sims in the City -8 The Warriors -18 Theme Park Roller Coaster -6 Thunderstrike Operation Phoenix -5 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 -5 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 -5 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008 -5 Time Crisis 3 -10 Time Crisis: Crisis Zone -12 Tom and Jerry War of the Whiskers -10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon (Greatest Hits) 5 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter -5 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3-6 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell -6 Tony Hawk Underground 2 -11 Top Gun -5 Transformers -9 Transformers the Game -5 Trigger Man -5 True Crime New York City -10 Turok Evolution (Game and Case) 6 Van Helsing -8 Vietcong -7 Virtua Fighter 4 -6 Virtau Fighter 4 Evolution (Greatest Hits) 6 Warriors Orichi (Game and Case. 7 War of the Monsters (Game and Case) 12 Wheel of Fortune -5 Wild Wild Racing -6 World Championship Poker -5 World Series of Poker - Wolverine's Revenge -7 World Heroes Anthology -14 WWE Smackdown Here Comes the Pain (Game and Case, Greatest Hits) 20 WWE Smackdown Shut Your Mouth -11 WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2006 -9 WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007 (Game and Case) 6 X-Men - 5 X-Men Legends -8 X-Men Next Dimension -9 X-Men Origins Wolverine -7 X Games -5 Zone of the Enders -7 Playstation 3 Air Conflicts Pacific Carriers -11 Armored Core V -15 Battlefield 3 -5 Battlefield 4 -5 Brutal Legend -7 Call of Duty Black Ops III -11 Crysis 2, Limited Edition -7 Deadspace -10 Destiny, Taken King Legendary Edition -9 Diablo 3 -7 Dishonored - 6 Dynasty Warriors 6 (Greatest Hits, Game and Case) 5 End War (Tom Clancy) 5 Fallout 3 -7 FEAR 2 -8 Fifa 10 -5 Fifa 12 -5 Final Fantasy XIII -8 Formula One (F1) Championship Edition -8 Front Mission Evolved -7 Fuse - 5 God of War III -6 Gran Turismo 5 -6 Grand Theft Auto IV - High Velocity Bowling -7 History Channel Battle for the Pacific -10 History Channel Legends of War Patton -12 Injustice Ultimate Edition -9 Killzone 2 -6 Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 -9 Lego Star Wars Complete Saga -19 Little Big Planet Kart Racing (no manual) 7 Madden 2007 -5 Madden 2009 -5 Madden 2010 -5 Madden 2011 -5 MAG - 5 Mass Effect 2 -6 Metal Gear Solid 4 -7 Minecraft -16 MLB 09 The Show -5 Monster Madness, Grave Danger -10 Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm -11 NBA Live 10 -5 NCAA Football 2010 -5 Ni no Kuni, Wrath of the White Witch -12 Pacman and the Ghostly Adventures -13 Plants vs Zombies, Garden Warfare -9 Port Royale 3 -9 Risen 2 (Game and Case) 6 Rock of the Dead -6 Rock Revolution -5 Saints Row II (Greatest Hits) 9 Shellshock 2 -8 Sniper, Ghost Warrior -6 Sniper, Ghost Warrior 2 -11 Socom Confrontation -6 Splinter Cell, Double Agent -9 Star Wars the Force Unleashed -9 Street Fighter X Tekken - 9 Stormrise -6 The Darkness -10 The Sly Collection (Game and Case) 17 Topspin 3 -5 Twisted Metal - UFC Undisputed 2010 -6 Uncharted 2 -6 Uncharted 3 -6 Unreal Tournament III (Game and Case) 5 Untold Legends, Dark Kingdom -5 Warhawk -5 World Rally Championships 3 (Game and Case) 10 X Men Destiny -10 Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z -7 Sega CD Lethal Enforcers Light Gun in Box (includes game) 74 Adventures of Batman and Robin -43 Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Eye of the Beholder - 32 Battlecorps -27 Chuck Rock II -29 Cliffhanger -15 Cobra Command (disc only) 11 Ecco the Dolphin and Sega Classics -24 Eternal Champions -33 Hook (disc and manual, generic case) 12 Jurassic Park -12 Mad Dog McCree II (no manual) 15 Microcrosm -13 Mortal Kombat (disc and manual, generic case) 15 NBA Jam -19 NFL's Greatest Teams -10 NHL 94 -16 Puggsy -26 Rise of the Dragon (disc only) 15 Shining Force CD -160 Silpheed -30 Soi Feace -10 Star Wars Rebel Assault -24 The Amazing Spiderman vs. The Kingpin -45 The Secret of Monkey Island (disc only) 19 Sega Dreamcast AeroWings -11 AirForce Delta -11 Blue Stinger -20 Bomberman Online -35 Bust-A-Move 4 -19 Chu Chu Rocket -14 Crazy Taxi 2 -24 Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX -8 Death Crimson OX -30 Demolition Racer -12 EGG Elemental Gimmick Gear -83 Evolution 2 Far off Promise -35 Evolution the World of Sacred Device -15 Expendable -17 Fatal Fury Mark of the Wolves -63 Fighting Force 2-10 Fur Fighters -24 Gauntlet Legends -34 Gunbird 2 -88 Illbleed -100 Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000 -8 King of Fighters Dream Match '99 -30 Last Blade 2 Heart of the Samurai -45 Looney Tunes Space Race -24 Marvel vs Capcom -43 Marvel vs Capcom 2 -83 Metropolis Street Racer -16 Midway Arcade Greatest Hits Volume 1 -12 MTV Sports Skateboarding -11 MS Pacman Maze Madness -14 Namco Museum -11 NBA 2K1 - 7 NBA Hoopz -27 NBA Showtime on NBC -13 NFL 2K1 -5 NFL 2K2 -9 NFL Blitz 2000 -15 Ooga Booga -17 Outrigger -44 Power Stone -45 Quake III Arena -12 Rainbow Six Rogue Spear -13 Rayman 2 The Great Escape -25 Record of Lodoss War -45 Resident Evil CODE Veronica -21 Rippin' Riders Snowboarding -7 San Francisco Rush 2049 -32 Sega Bass Fishing -9 Sega GT -10 Sega Marine Fishing -9 Sega Smash Pack -12 Shadow Man -17 Silent Scope -19 Silver -25 Slave Zero -12 Space Channel 5 -12 Speed Devils -13 Sports Jam -23 Street Fighter Alpha 3 -42 Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future -70 Striker Pro 2000 -12 Super Runabout SF Edition -23 Sword of the Berserk: Gut's Rage -34 Tee Off -9 Tennis 2K2 -10 Test Drive 6 -10 Tokyo Xtreme Racer -20 Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2 -40 Tomb Raider Chronicles -13 Tomb Raider The Last Revelation -11 Tom Clancy Rainbow Six -9 Tony Hawk 2 -15 Toy Commander -14 Ultimate Fighting Championship -8 Vigilante 8 Second Offense -14 Virtua Fighter 3tb -23 Virtua Striker 2 -12 Wetrix -12 World Series Baseball 2K1 -5 WWF Attitude -7 Xtreme Sports -10 Zombie Revenge -30 Sega Genesis Aladdin (Game and Case) 12 Battletoads (Game and Case) 38 Batman Returns -17 Biohazard Battle (Game and Case) 20 Boogerman (Game and Case) 29 Combat Cars (Game and Case) 7 Dracula (Game and Case) 11 Earthworm Jim (Cardboard Box) 25 F22 Interceptor -5 Fatal Fury (Game and Case) 15 Garfield Caught in the Act -19 Hard Drivin (Cardboard Box) 10 Joe Montana Football -10 Kid Chameleon (manual a bit rough) 20 Lotus II -10 Madden 95 (Game and Case) 6 Madden 97 - 7 Mercs (no manual) 24 Mortal Kombat -13 Mortal Kombat 3 -13 MS Pacman -9 Ms PacMan (Cardboard Box) 8 NBA Jam -11 NBA Live 96 - 6. 50 NFL Football 94 -6 NFL Quaterback Club -6 Out of this World (Game and Case) 20 Pacman 2 The New Adventures - PGA Tour Golf II -6. 25 Phantasy Star II -54 Rocket Knight Adventures (Game and Case) 36 Shaq Fu (Game and Case) 6 Shining Force -55 Shinobi III -44 Skitchin (Game and Case) 12 Sonic the Hedgehog (Not for Resale version) 11 Sonic 2 -10 Sonic Spinball -10 Spiderman -22 Sword of Vermillion (Game and Case) 20 Taz in Escape from Mars -9 TazMania -8 The Ren and Stimpy Show (Game and Case) 12 Tony Larussa Baseball -6 Toy Story (Cardboard Box) 15 Vectorman (Cardboard Box, Greatest Hits) 16 Wacky Worlds Creativity Studio (includes mouse) 42 Where in The World is Carmen San Diego -25 Where in Time is Carmen San Diego -13 WWF Royal Rumble (Game and Case) 11 Carts Only Arcade Classics -6 Asterix and the Great Rescue - 6 Barkley Shut Up and Jam -5 Batman Forever (Label Peeling. 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Answer to the riddle : AGE. THE AFTER EFFECT (2019. Love how everyone remembers the plots of every single SpongeBob Episode. Ive watched this trailer about 50 times since seeing the movie. I have to watch this again. Found in the ruins of Alexandria, ᛒᛟᛟᚴ ᛟᚠ ᛞᛖᚨᛏᚺ was a series of stories and records from various authors that were grouped together under one name. Multiple questions remains to this day as several mysteries enshrouds it. The records were written in Nordic Runes while the grammar seems to be modern English. Locations and other aspects of the book were not found in the real world. The book however, provides extra details on the creatures appeared within the book that seemingly explained the science behind them in detail that were far beyond the knowledge of the era it was written in. The following is the Transcript of the first Chapter, written by an unnamed Sailor and Scholar The Sea Of Thousand Eyes: I am old and fragile now. I have seen the things I must see, I have done deeds that shall run horrors in your mind and freeze your blood in silent fears, but I am near the end of my life. I am in danger, Of course I am, a deal with the devils must be paid up with life. Yet before I die, let this record be a warning to those seeking the forbidden knowledge and wealth. Turn back, stop reading this record, and burn it. Else, shall the stories and the records haunt you with the illusions and thirsts for wealth, and knowledge. I was born in a small northern town, called the Cthu'uhi. translation note: The pronunciation is "See-Two-U-Hi" People relies on the fishing and hunting for a livelihood. Rarely does anyone get to move to the south and witness the greatness of the Roman Republic. My father was a trader and my mother was a gypsy. Learned of skills on the ocean and much of the Latin literature, I was lucky enough to become one of the Flamen Cerealis Protegees. I was granted access into the great library of Alexandria after the march of Caesar into Egypt. It was there, that I found the Book. ᛏᚺᛖ ᛋᚲᚱᛟᛚᛚ ᛟᚠ ᛏᚺᛟᚢᛋᚨᚾᛞ ᛖᚤᛖᛋ. It's name must not be spoken, nor shall it's content be known as I have burnt and spread it's ashe into the ocean after I have read it. Do not try to find a second copy, the Book itself was what have drawn me into the dangerous endeavour that doomed me for the rest of my life. The Book told of the story of a great being, how it was chased off the Holy Heaven, and was chased down into a lost city that was forever buried in the vast Ocean of Earth. A young and ignorant kid I was back then, I was caught on by the story, after doing some extensive research, I realized that the clue to this forbidden city lies in a story that I was told from a young age. A chilling story of a certain King, driven down from the heaven, forced us out from our original village. A song remains to this day: ᛏᚺᛖ ᛋᛖᚨᛋ ᛚᚨᚤ ᚢᚾᛞᛁᛋᛏᚢᚱᛒᛖᛞ ᛁᚾ ᚨ ᛞᚨᚱᚴᚾᛖᛋᛋ ᛚᛁᚴᛖ ᚾᛟᚾᛖ ᛈᚱᛁᛗᛖᛞ The seas lay undisturbed in a darkness like none primed ᚨ ᚲᛟᚾᛋᛏᛖᛚᛚᚨᛏᛁᛟᚾ ᛟᚠ ᚨᚷᛖ ᛟᛚᛞ ᛗᛖᚾ ᛋᛏᛁᛚᛚ ᛈᛚᚨᚤ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛋᛟᚾᚷᛋ ᛟᚠ ᛏᛁᛗᛖ A constellation of age old men still play the songs of time ᛖᛪᛈᛚᛟᛞᛁᚾᚷ ᚨᚾᛞ ᚷᚨᛋᛖᛟᚢᛋ, ᚢᚾᛈᛖᚱᛏᚢᚱᛒᛖᛞ ᛒᚤ ᚹᚺᚨᛏ ᛁᛋ ᛞᛖᚨᛞ ᛟᚱ ᚨᛚᛁᚡᛖ Exploding and gaseous, unperturbed by what is dead or alive ᚨᚾᛞ ᚺᛖ ᛚᚨᚤᛋ ᚹᚨᛁᛏᛁᚾᚷ, ᛞᚱᛖᚨᛗᛁᚾᚷ ᛁᚾ ᚺᛁᛋ ᚺᛟᚢᛋᛖ ᛟᚠ ᛚᛁᛗᛒᛟ ᚨᚾᛁᛗᚨᛏᛁᛟᚾ And he lays waiting, dreaming in his house of limbo animation ᛏᚺᛖ ᚴᛁᚾᚷ ᛟᚠ ᚾᛟᛏ ᚷᛟᛟᛞ ᚾᛟᚱ ᛒᚨᛞ ᛒᚢᛏ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛗᛖᚱᛖ ᛁᛞᛖᚨ ᛟᚠ ᚲᚱᛖᚨᛏᛁᛟᚾ The king of not good nor bad but the mere idea of creation ᛏᚺᛖ ᛁᚾᚠᛁᚾᛁᛏᛖ ᚹᚨᛏᛖᚱ, ᛒᛚᚨᚲᚴ ᚨᛋ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚺᛖᚨᚱᛏ ᛟᚠ ᛖᚨᚱᛏᚺ The infinite water, black as the heart of earth ᚺᛟᛚᛞᛋ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛟᛚᛞ ᚷᛟᛞᛋ ᚨᚾᛞ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚲᛟᛚᛟᛋᛋᚨᛚ ᛏᚺᚨᛏ ᛁᛋ ᛏᛟ ᛒᛖ ᛒᛁᚱᛏᚺᛖᛞ Holds the old gods and the colossal that is to be birthed ᚺᛖ ᚲᚨᚾᚾᛟᛏ ᛒᛖ ᛋᛁᛗᛈᛚᚤ ᚷᚨᛉᛖᛞ ᚢᛈᛟᚾ ᛟᚱ ᛒᚱᚨᚡᛖᛞ ᛒᚤ ᚡᛁᛟᛚᛖᚾᛏ ᛗᛖᚾ He cannot be simply gazed upon or braved by violent men ᚠᛟᚱ ᚺᛖ ᛁᛋ ᚾᛟᛏ ᛏᛁᛗᛖ ᛟᚱ ᛋᛈᚨᚲᛖ ᛟᚱ ᛚᛁᚠᛖ, ᚺᛁᛋ ᛁᛗᚨᚷᛖ ᛁᛋ ᚾᛟᛏ ᛗᚨᛞᛖ ᛋᚨᚾᛖ ᛒᚤ ᛈᛖᚾ For he is not time or space or life, his image is not made sane by pen ᚺᛖ ᚱᛁᛋᛖᛋ ᛏᛟ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛈᛖᚱᚡᛖᚱᛋᛁᛟᚾᛋ ᛟᚠ ᛗᚨᚾ, ᛈᚨᛋᛋᛖᛞ ᛏᛟ ᚲᚢᛚᛏᛁᛋᛏᛋ ᚤᛟᚢᚾᚷ ᚨᛏ ᛈᛚᚨᚤ He rises to the perversions of man, passed to cultists young at play ᚨᚾᛞ ᚹᚺᛖᚾ ᛚᚢᛋᛏ ᚠᛟᚱ ᛒᛚᛟᛟᛞ ᛒᚢᚱᚾᛋ ᛁᚾ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛖᚤᛖᛋ ᛟᚾ ᚺᛁᛋ ᛁᛗᚨᚷᛖ ᛟᚠ ᚲᛚᚨᚤ And when lust for blood burns in the eyes on his image of clay ᛞᚨᚾᚲᛁᚾᚷ ᚠᛁᛏᛋ, ᛏᚱᛖᛗᛒᛚᛁᚾᚷ ᛏᚱᛖᛗᛟᚱᛋ ᚨᚾᛞ ᛖᚤᛖᛋ ᛚᛟᛋᛏ ᛏᛟ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛋᚴᚤ ᛟᚠ ᚹᚺᛁᛏᛖ Dancing fits, trembling tremors and eyes lost to the sky of white ᚺᛁᛋ ᚹᛁᛚᛚ ᛈᛚᚨᚤᛋ ᛒᛟᚢᚾᛞᛚᛖᛋᛋ ᛏᚺᚱᛟᚢᚷᚺ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛞᚱᛖᚨᛗᛋ ᛟᚠ ᛈᛟᛖᛏᛋ ᚹᚺᛟ ᚲᚱᚤ ᚨᛏ ᚾᛁᚷᚺᛏ His will plays boundless through the dreams of poets who cry at night ᛋᛟ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚨᚷᛖ ᚹᛁᛚᛚ ᛖᚱᚢᛈᛏ ᚨᚾᛞ ᚺᛖᛖᛞ ᛏᚺᛖᛋᛖ ᛈᚱᛟᛈᚺᛖᛏᛁᚲ ᚹᛟᚱᛞᛋ So the age will erupt and heed these prophetic words ᛒᛖ ᚹᛖᚨᚱᚤ ᛁᚾ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛗᛟᚡᛖᛗᛖᚾᛏ ᛟᚠ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛋᛖᚨᛋ, ᛏᚺᛖ ᚷᚱᛟᚢᚾᛞᛋ ᚨᚾᛞ ᛒᛁᚱᛞᛋ Be weary in the movement of the seas, the grounds and birds ᛚᛟᛋᛏ ᚨᛏ ᛟᚾᚲᛖ ᛁᚾ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛒᛚᛁᚾᛞᚾᛖᛋᛋ ᛟᚠ ᚤᛟᚢᚱ ᛁᚷᚾᛟᚱᚨᚾᚲᛖ Lost at once in the blindness of your ignorance ᛁᛏ ᛁᛋ ᚹᚺᛖᚾ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚡᛖᛁᛚ ᛁᛋ ᛚᛁᚠᛏᛖᛞ ᚨᚾᛞ ᛋᛏᚱᚨᚾᚷᛖ ᚨᛖᛟᚾᛋ ᚺᚨᚡᛖ ᚨᚱᚱᛁᚡᛖᛞ It is when the veil is lifted and strange aeons have arrived ᚹᚺᛖᚾ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚴᛁᚾᚷ ᛋᚢᚱᛖᛚᚤ ᚹᚨᛚᚴᛋ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛖᚨᚱᛏᚺ ᚨᚾᛞ ᛞᛖᚨᛏᚺ ᚺᚨᛋ ᛋᚢᚱᛖᛚᚤ ᛞᛁᛖᛞ When The King surely walks the earth and death has surely died ( Translator's note: This poem seems surprisingly linked to one of the modern day Cthulhu Poetry creation online. I will link the website here. Johan Nel, the author of this poem please contact me if you are concerned with this problem. After much consideration and preparation, I determined that this supposed city, must be a place near the village of my birth. I bought a boat, hired some sailors and boys and to the village I go. Yet before I left Alexandria, the man in black, a man dressed in all black, a cloak that I can't identify of the material, and a mask, that in itself draws fear and cold from my heart appeared to me. It was a warm, normal day, just like many others before in my days at Alexandria. I was walking toward the Library of Alexandria to continue my research on the Book when the man came up to me. "Good Day, Sir. The man spoke a strange language, yet somehow, I was able to understand it in Latin terms. "I believe you are on your way to the Alexandrian Library, aren't you. Well, Yes as a matter of fact. I responded with cold politeness as anyone shall greet a stranger. "Well, I shall have the honor to accompany you on the way as I also happened to be going that way. The stranger pulls me by the shoulder, and wrapped a hand around my entire body and ushered me on toward the library. "Well well, looks like our scholar found the Book itself haven't you. As we are walking in the busy markets of Alexandria, the Man whispered. "No, Of course not, what book are you talking about. I tried to act normally, and panicked. I had never told anyone about the Book I am reading right now, how did this stranger know? There is no denial of that fact, Mister. In fact, if it wasn't for the horrible scent of that Book on you, I wouldn't be able to found you at all. Well, admit it, you have been reading the Book. The Man straight looked through my lie. Yes, Yes. I had been reading that book, but what does that book have to do with you. I panicked and sweated as we continued to get closer to the Library. Don't worry, I am not part of those crazy Inquisitors though I am not far from it. I am a representative for the Roman Church, and I have a task for you, scholar. The man said silently as we entered the library. He half dragged, half forced me into a reading room. "Now go borrow that book out and act just like how you would do every single day. He threatened. I was dumbfounded, and mystified by his words. Regardless, I went ahead and borrowed the book out and returned along with a set of candles. "Now, Scholar, tell me where you have been reading up to. I pointed to him the part II, where I have been trying to decipher without luck. "Good, Good. You are making progress, but not enough to the part where it get serious yet. You still have a chance to back out of this foul business. What is your choice. Being the young, stupid and ignorant fool I was, I didn't take up his offer and instead just stared at him. "Very well. A brave one indeed. I believe I had found myself a worthy taskrunner. I have a great task for you. It is hard, but it's reward is also great. There is no other choice between death and accepting the task at this point, Shall you take up my offer. I nodded yes, as of course I do not yet want to die. "Very well, the Roman Church has known about the Book in Alexandria but lacks the strength to do it. As you are our currently most advanced researcher on this, I would like for you to discover this entity, and destroy it if you can. Is there any questions. Well, If the Roman Church have known about it all along, why didn't you do anything about it. I asked, out of pure shock as I tried to process about the information. "Simple, because we don't have enough power. Yet, you. You right now, holds the key alone. The Book has been read countless time to all the great saints and bishops of the church, yet only one shall be able to read it during a certain period, the other times it disappears from our vault and seeks a new reader. Yet after so many years of conducting research on it, we have a bit of basic information about this entity and the hidden city. He paused, and took a piece of paper out from his cloak pocket. "Here, is the information that the church have gathered. Do you still have a problem. Seeing that I am entirely in shock of this, He bowed his head. "I am very sorry to cause such a shock in you Mister. Yet it is now time for me to retire. My message is delivered. My master shall know of this news. I shall now leave you to contend to your own thoughts. Thus he disappeared, just like the wind, it blows away and was gone in a moment. That night, I sat down alone. I lighted up 2 candles, and sat there reading the paper the Man has given me. It was no use, the voice of the King spoke in my mind. I tried to calm myself and went to sleep, there was no escape from the voice. The voice boomed in a strange, yet understable language: Come, mortal, Find me, and my eternal knowledge and wealth shall be yours. Deciding against better Judgement, I went back home along with the sailors I have recruited. I visited my mother, and my family. My old father died at the sea with his bones riding the wave. I shed no tears. Yet, later, When I alone went back to the village, it was gone, it was as if it never existed. We sailed on, from the coldness of the Nordic Sea into the Greenland, where I was greeted by the Elders. Yet I cannot stay, my task is urgent, and the voice that calls for me gets stronger everyday. After 7 days and 7 nights of sailing, We ran out of food. My sailors and boys refused to go, so I gave them the ship, used the small one and took some final water and food from the boat and wished them luck on their way back. I rolled on in my own thought and the small boat that I owned. Looking back now, I see no reason that the great waves of the Nordic Sea shall not crack and finish my small little canoe. Yet it did not, for some reasons that I cannot explain. Perhaps the King wants me to arrive safely? Or is it God's will? I still don't know to this day. All I know is that by the Midnight of the Second day, I was starved and thirsty. I was unable to keep my eyes open, and I fainted. When I wake up, my small canoe was resting on the dry land. No, not the dry land. It was stone slabs. Gigantic ones, like those that were used for runes and Egyptian Hieroglyphics in Alexandria. The stone slabs seems to be continuing on a straight line, Just like in a street that stretches out forever. On the side of these "streets" I saw strange buildings, perhaps what could count as "houses" that were entirely sickening green. There is no one, absolutely no one on the street or in the structures. I am at the end of my hope, my food is gone, water supply is drained, and I have no ways to survive in this strange building, but just as I was about to give up hope, I found a sign. A HUGE, Gigantic Slab, that was straightened up, and with strange language that I somehow understood. All You Who Shall Enter, Give Up Thy Reasons, Strength, Hope and Met The Master Of Life. For the first time in days, I no longer hear the booming voice in my head. The words draws me in, and a magical sensation washes over me. I lost my thoughts and felt a wave of strange feelings over me. I felt suddenly refreshed, no longer hungry and thirsty, and regained my strength. I began to walk forward, in hope of searching for more evidence that I can think of, and hopes to meet this certain entity. Yet as I walked forward, I realized something. The ground I walked are no longer cold, or solid. It is now warm and almost slippery. I looked down, and realized in horror that the Stone slabs have turned into Flesh. My feet is bloody as I walks forward. Yet I do not stop, for I know the roads behind me are gone, they have disappeared as I entered the city. As i continued walking, the voice in my head began to boom again. This time with a more than sinister feeling. "Yes, mortal, you have finally came. Come, keep walking, come find me and I shall grant you immortal life and wealth. Whatever it is you want, you shall get it. I continued walking forward. Finally, I saw something different in front of me. The place was an ancient cemetery. So ancient that I trembled at the entrance sign which holds the great layers of dust that signals to us the amount of it's age. It was plagued with rotten grass, downbeat, and almost a sluggish and rotting flesh smell. Yet I wandered in. On the tombstone, there sits a man, a man in the white cloak. "Ahhh, It's great to meet you, my friend. Great change of setting from the city of flesh, isn't it. The man looked up and his face brightened up. "What do you want from me, Lucifer Morningstar. I recognized his face, and darkened my expression. "You know this is the last place you should be, I will not forgive you for the thing you have done to me in Alexandria. Woah woah woah, buddy don't be so cranky. You know, that was all a show. BROTHER. Now standing before me, with a childish grin, Lucifer emphasizes on the word Brother through clenched teeth. Why are you here? I have no wish for you to be here. Leave now, I can't protect you from them. Mystifyingly, I felt as if I was no longer myself, I cannot control what I want to say, what I want to do. Suddenly, I realized in horror. It was that sheet of paper. "Ah yes, Brother, I did gave your little scholar that sheet of paper. Well well well. I have done a deal with him, haven't I? Do you want your little scholar to die right now. Lucifer asked with a fake smile, and taunts the spirits who controls me right now. After much consideration, I" finally said: Very well, I shall honor the deal. I will exit his body, but remember, your deal must be done. With that, a sudden feeling washed over me as I suddenly felt weak and stumbles. Lucifer caught me. "Well well, now we are talking. Have you see that square. I looked. It disgusts and made me puke at first sight. Made of entirely reddish flesh, the square was flooded with blood and black substances that draws up disgust at first sight. "Yes, that square. Don't worry, you will only see those blood right now because you are within my influence. Once you are there, you won't see them at all. However, remember the task I gave you. I nodded "Well, I want you to go in that place, face him, find an opportunity to put the sheet of paper i gave you on him. If all goes as planned, I will ensure your survival. But at what cost, my little scholar? Tell me your own price so I can decide. Silence. It was entirely silent suddenly. I walked out of Lucifer's graveyard. "A soul, if not the soul of myself. was the sound that I can made under my breath. He laughed, and the entire graveyard disappeared. "The crimson king. I sweared under my breath as I apparoched the central square. "Thus, you have arrived. The grand booming voice sounded throughout the square. "Yes, the Crimson King. I have arrived as due our deal. I answered with all my force and strength. "Very well, do you see that table. Under his guidance, I saw a huge table with buttons in the centre of the square. "Very good, go there, press the red button, and free me. Even though Lucifer might be a moron, but at least he knows when to not mess around. I cussed under my breath, walked over to the table, and press the button. "Good. Mortal, you have now freed me. I have promised you wealth, immortality, and knowledge. I shall now give you them all. the booming voice suddenly appeared in front of me. I shall now grant you it. I was shocked, unable to realize what I had released from the prison. With a thousands eyes, I felt danger, and it's horrible looks, disgusts me and my sanity far beyond the pool of blood and flesh. Before I knew it, I ran. Running like a mad man, I know that the thing, whatever it is, was after me. Fast like an antelope he was catching up to me. I no longer recollects how i can be so fast, yet I did outrun him during that short time. We ran through the city of flesh, one running for his life, while the other runs for it's first meal. As I approach the boundary of the flesh and within sight of my small little boat, I began to slow down. I know this is my one chance at this. "Do you really think I don't know you pressed the blue button. The voice behind me loomed. "Of course I know you know about that. I said with a sudden sense of calmness. "But it was only to delay you. But mortal, you have no longer the strength to run. Come, you shall have the honor to be the first mortal I devour. The voices booms through the time and space around me. "But before all that honor, I have a paper for you. I took the rolled up paper ball in my hand, and throwed with all the strength that I can muster at the thousand eye monster. With a great lightning flash, and the sudden flowing in of water, I quickly lost my senses. The next thing I know, I was on a boat. The old captain was kind enough to drop me off at greenland and I was greeted with news of my sailors never returning to the port. My village was destroyed, erased off the surface of earth without a trace. The library of Alexandria was burnt. I have nowhere to go. Finally, I settled down in a small village by the Nordic sea. Just like the one I growed up in. I burnt the Book, it's ashes and hide them. The ocean is never safe. The Book must never be opened again. I am at my end, I can see Lucifer coming for me. My end has come, but do not make your end so. Goodbye, and thus, my story ends. (This the first scroll from the Scroll of Death. Other scrolls are rapidly being translated. Much of the story lacks geographical proof but contains theological ones that can't be disproven. Please take this with a grain of salt. And As usual, Do not search for the City of Flesh. EDIT: I, as the Translator have forgotten to put the supposed / estimated timestamp of this first document in. This was expected to written around Roman time, when Egypt was first conquered by Octavius Caesar.

MEGATHREAD 12/11/19 - Karma Waters... getting the title so completely wrong yesterday SUMMARY It has only been one day into the week and we've already experienced a media frenzy. In a u-turn of their election strategy, the Brexit Party have announced that they will not stand candidates in any of the 317 seats that the Conservatives won in the 2017 election. Political commentators are split on just how much this will influence the election, with some expressing that the party may have handed the Tories the election, while others are remaining sceptical as the Tories still need to win seats currently held by opposition parties. Those seats will still be contested by the Brexit Party. On Remembrance Day, the main parties made clear their support for service personnel and their families. The Conservatives have promised to change the law around "vexatious" legal action against veterans, as well as additional childcare for military families and a new railcard for veterans. Labour is promising improved support for children in military families and better pay for the armed forces. The Liberal Democrats want to waive "leave to remain" fees for members of the armed forces who were born overseas. The Lib Dems proposed a "skills wallet" for every adult in the UK, where 10, 000 would be made available to help pay for approved education and training courses, while Labour have announced that they will invest 845m per year on children's mental health, which includes funding a counsellor for every school. The Prime Minister will today hold a COBRA meeting about recent flooding in parts of Yorkshire and the rest of the UK. Today's megathread is being maintained primarily by /u/jaydenkieran and u/carrot-carrot. ELECTION DETAILS There will be a General Election on 12th December 2019. If you are not registered to vote, you can register online by clicking here. To register to vote, you should be aged 16 or over (or 14 or over in Scotland) and a UK citizen (or an Irish, EU, or Commonwealth citizen with a permanent UK address. NOTE: eligibility to register does not necessarily mean that you can vote! In order to vote in the General Election, you must: be registered to vote be 18 or over on the day of the election (‘polling day) be a British, Irish or qualifying Commonwealth citizen be resident at an address in the UK (or a British citizen living abroad who has been registered to vote in the UK in the last 15 years) not be legally excluded from voting Other elections (e. g. local government elections) may have different criteria - check for more information. Registering to vote takes only a few minutes, and is essential if you want to make your voice heard, regardless of which party you support. DEADLINES These are the deadlines for voting in this election: Date Deadline 5pm, 21st Nov Postal and proxy vote registration (N. Ireland) Midnight, 26th Nov Voter registration 5pm, 26th Nov Postal vote registration (England, Scotland, and Wales) 5pm, 4th Dec Proxy vote application 12th Dec Emergency proxy vote application DEVELOPMENTS Context added for non-UK visitors. All times GMT (UK) unless otherwise stated. If anything is missing here, ping /u/jaydenkieran or u/carrot-carrot. TODAY: Labour plans to offer free vocational retraining to adults with a scheme worth 3bn. In an interview on BBC Breakfast, Nigel Farage called on the Conservatives to stand down candidates in Labour seats. "If they believe in Leave they would stand aside in Labour areas where the Conservatives have not won in 100 years. The Conservatives have stepped up their attack on Labour's spending plans, claiming that they would result in an additional 2, 400 in tax per taxpayer per year. However, the figures are "based on assumptions about money Labour intends to spend" and also "how much revenue the party intends to raise. It should be noted that, like other parties, Labour have not yet released a manifesto detailing their policies. The Liberal Democrats have pledged 5bn to improve flood defences across the UK. Labour have suffered a Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack on their digital platforms.

Someone to need you too much, Someone to know you too well. Ameii😍👏👏💃Brasil.

This was actually a pretty good movie! Good twists that fooled me

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Nocna rodzinka free online banking. DO NOT IGNORE AN EVACUATION ORDER. IF RFS SAYS LEAVE THEN GET YOUR GO BAG AND GTFO! Lots has happened in the past 24 hours of Australia's fire catastrophe. So lets have an update. Foremost the big thing to note is Australia's government's top-end Digital Earth Hotspots service has been spotty today. It was down for a solid hour earlier. I do not know if this is because of technical glitches or political the next note I really am fearing this is political interference. I have other sources for fire complex information, but there is absolutely no reason the Digital Hotspots system should be down for even a single minute right now. I urge any Australian reading this to contact your Legislators - MPs & Senators - and outright demand that all efforts be made to keep the Digital Earth Australia hotspot system online and publicly available. This INCLUDES the API access that so many external services use to collate data and help save lives. These are data that the Australian government receives for free from the United States (NASA & NOAA) and Europe (ESA. The website & API access just ensure that this information is readily accessible to the public to help make informed decisions in their lives. Shutting down the access doesn't make this data go away - it can be obtained through other systems - but it won't be as easy to help save lives that way. Why do I ask this? Because the NSW Government-run evacuation centers have been forbidding the Media from speaking to any survivors inside, and have actively escorted the media out. This has occurred even with the Australian Broadcasting Company to two different reporters at different locations, the reporters confirmed this via Twitter, and The Guardian Australia has corroborated it. In other words - it is the truth. To note the STAFF at these evacuation centers were - and continue to be - incredible people. The NSW government employees, however, are apparently under political direction to forbid media access and to not let the extent and severity of this disaster be a public story. Link here - My personal fear is that posts like mine in the past, and likely legions of others elsewhere, are causing a political panic which can lead to decisions that costs lives to save political messaging. If your election messaging depends on letting people need to reexamine your purpose in office. I fear the RFS themselves in NSW are under pressure to mitigate just how far the current fire danger has spread. The following image is showing both the Digital Hotspot system and other satellite hotspot data. Please note the huge stack of alerts NE of Lithgow. All of these are new fires with requests for support. All of these are marked out of control. Please note both the Digital Earth and Sentinel information are combined note how far ahead of the fire lines the current hotspots (all red icons & dots) are from those dictated fire lines. I am used to seeing hotspots & indicators that are a few hundred meters ahead of firelines. These are sudden flareups and they are constantly fought back. But they're almost always one-off and not entire areas covered in them. If the whole area is covered in likely that area is burning. That means the public ahead of those areas needs to be made aware of the risks being closer than they think they are. Link - I sincerely hope I am just being dramatic here and this all washes over. If this had just been me looking at data from the birds and nothing else I'd just assume the RFS was making decisions based on their expertise and I would follow their expertise. However, the NSW government's efforts at the evacuation centers make this all taste a lot more political. Stay aware of the fire conditions around you. Conditions can change rapidly! And above all else! Take care of EACH OTHER. Community matters. Stick a hand out, help a neighbor, don't lose touch with that sense of community because that's what makes the difference in times like these. Edit 1 - The NSW RFS has provided a live helicopter shot of the fire encroaching into Lithgow. This is an immediate threat to life. Replies to this Tweet include Lithgow residents talking about spot fires around their homes. Note RFS is still not allowed to ask people to evacuate Lithgow. Roo running from fire in outskirts of Lithgow. Just taken by ABC Photojournalist. Blessed be the photojournalist among peoples. Fire in Lithgow from a resident's yard - Home burned in McKellars Park on outskirts of Lithgow. Same badass photojournalist as above. Literally a front line trooper right now. Edit 2 - Localized weather effects from Currowan, Tianjara - and potentially Gosper - fire complexes are turning into thurnderstorms. This is NOT a good thing. The ground is too dry to let this water absorb. Lightning will spark new fires. Pyrocumulonimbus storms can blow embers up to 30 kilometers from the fire complex through strong downbursts of hot soot-filled air accompanied by black hailstones. Do not spectate near wildfire. Be somewhere else. Edit 3 - Buy your local photojournalist a beer or five. This is on the outskirts of Lithgow. Same badass photojournalist that's been badassing all night and needs a kegger in his honor for today's actions. The homeowner called his son. Said goodbye. The homeowner then drove this vehicle through a wall of flames to get to safety. Returned later to find RFS saved his home. He just lost the sheds. These are the sorts of stories that NWS government, apparently, doesn't want told. Blessed be the photojournalists. Edit 4 - Since this at the top of the subreddit I'll just keep using this. I really think there is political pressure going on rather than scientific principles dictating. I think the "better conditions" narrative was what was being sold today accompanied by all of the Emergency conditions being dropped and RFS stating they're just going to need do some shoring up of their lines. All of that made me raise an eyebrow because while I certainly want all of this to go fires haven't even come close to going away. I just watched a huge flare up on the Grose Valley area and was about to post about that. However, just as I was writing this, NSW RFS has reelvated Grose Valley to Emergency level. Not only has the Grose Valley fire been moved back to they've requested anyone in the immediate vicinity of Blackheath to evacuate towards Katoomba. This is the first evac notice I've seen from NSW RFS since I started covering this - This is as of 10:56 AM local time. To me this reads like either there's no real "better conditions" or the volunteers are really reaching their breaking point. The Grose Valley Fire has been elevated back to Emergency level Edit 5 - Conditions around Blackheath are an immediate threat to life Front line video provided by firefighter to AFP, and licensed by VOA - Rear-guard firefighters and police in Blackheath presently urging residents to leave per photojournalists on the ground - Rear-guard firefighters and police in Blackheath staging video - Helo reloading from family pool - Edit 6 - Per The Guardian Australia - RFS Commissioner Fitzsimmons says there will be no real relief from present fires until "well into January. The Digital Earth Hotspots system is still regularly eliminating data younger than 24 hours. Right now the only near real-time information that doesn't decide to disappear is from Sentinel. Edit 7 - Grose Valley fire back to Watch and Act, but RFS still recommending leaving if you can. Edit 8 - Grose Valley right back to being an Emergency level again. Except this time its Midnight a few days before Christmas. This is political. The government doesn't want Emergency-level fires during Christmas. Period. This community of Blackheath could have been properly evacuated through the evening, but instead the messaging was that they had all the fire under control. Note the time on the above Emergency declaration? At the exact same time the local RFB announced they were going to begin back burning operations in this precise area and were doing it because the conditions were ideal. This is why political interference is my likely culprit. IF RFS SAYS LEAVE THEN GET YOUR GO BAG AND GTFO.

Nocna rodzinka free online games. Nocna rodzinka free online watch. Watch, Download and Stream movies Watch - Watch Midnight Family 2019 online free full movie Download - Watch Midnight Family 2019 online free full movie Watch & stream movies Full movies download. Nocna rodzinka Free online. Okay, so I am a 25 y/o F who has been working as a SW for about 7-8 months. Overall, it has been an extremely positive experience, and Im so happy I decided to go into sex work, as it is MUCH more lucrative than working as an exotic dancer or sugar baby (I have worked in both of these fields before SW) and I genuinely like the vast majority of my clients. Im an independent provider, and really like the fact that I keep 100% of what I earn, and also have the time to work at my PT day job and attend graduate school, too. I typically get 5-7 inquiries from potential clients per week, sometimes a few more and sometimes a few less. I carefully screen each client, and I would say that about 75-80% of the potential inquiries pass the screening, sometimes slightly lower or higher, depending on a variety of variables. For literally EVERY SINGLE CLIENT that has failed to pass my pre-booking phone screening, it was always for the exact same reason- they didnt want to pay for my services as a provider, so when I mentioned the subject of payment and told them my policies (cash only, payment is due in full at the time of service, and my prices are firm-no exceptions to any of these rules) almost all of these potential clients said that they couldnt pay me in cash right at the time of service (inevitably it was for some ridiculous bullshit reason) but they swore up and down we could go right to the bank RIGHT after I had provided my service. Every time I hear a potential client tell me this, I let them know that I am a businessperson providing a service, just like an independent drug store owner, hair stylist, etc., and when it comes to financial matters, I have the exact policies as any other small business owner. Sometimes these prospective clients also try additional stupid shit like trying to force me into lowering my rates (usually to a ridiculously low rate like 100) by telling me Im too expensive and that they arent interested in my services as a provider unless I agree to what they want to pay. Whenever this happens, I always tell them the truth: that I have multiple clients waiting for me, who not only have no problem with my rates, but have also passed my client screening already. This obviously annoys the shit out of me when I get inquiries like this, because I explicitly state, in capital letters, on my online ad that all rates are firm, cash only, payment is due at the time of service, and most importantly, serious inquiries ONLY (meaning that if you cant understand the first three rules, or disagree with them, then please do not bother to contact me, as it is a waste of both of our time. However, what I hate even more than prospective clients who waste my time with stupid questions, is when I screen a client, they pass, I make sure that they understand my policies regarding payment, I schedule a booking, spend money and time getting ready for said booking, and then when I finally show up to meet them, THEY DONT HAVE THE MONEY. Inevitably, they first try to force me into providing my services the second I walk in the door, and are sometimes quite aggressive about this. When this happens, I let them know that I require payment in full before I so much as take off my shoes. They always have some bullshit excuse, like “I thought you said it was okay if we get the money afterward, ” or “I cant pay you right now because my paycheck wont be deposited until midnight but I can just pay you later today. ” This last one was especially rich, considering he was a high-level software engineer with a Ph. D, and also happened to work for Amazon at their headquarters. His condo was worth about 13-15 million, he owned three different luxury cars, and a brand-new Rolex. I am most definitely not racist, and I say on my online advertisement that I DO NOT discriminate against clients on the basis of race/ethnicity/nationality/religion/culture/gender/sexual orientation/gender identity/marital status/handicap status/weight or body shape, etc. As long as you pass my screening (which is just to make sure that the potential client is who they say they are and havent committed any violent/serious crimes) and are on the same page with me regarding payment, I dont care about anything else. However, I cant help but notice that almost every potential client (except one) who attempted to trick me into giving free service through obvious lies has been of Indian descent (6/7 or 85. 7. I have absolutely no problem with people from India, as two of my best female friends from college, as well as my best male friend from HS, are all from India, and I love them and their families a lot. I am guessing that the reason so many of my problem clients happen to be Indian is because of cultural differences. India is very different than the USA when it comes to societal perception of SWers, and women in general. While I do not think that Western civilization is anywhere near perfect in regards to its handling of SWers and their rights, I believe that we obviously have many advantages that arent available to providers in India. I dont know if the following information is actually true, or if its just a stereotype perpetuated by Hollywood, but its common knowledge even in the Western world that SWers in India are considered the absolute dregs of society, are often forced into SW against their wishes, make almost no money, and do not have the ability to tell potential clients “no. ” While I respect that cultural misunderstandings sometimes occur, I am pretty sure that this was not the case when it came to the Indian men who attempted to cheat me, since almost all of them (5/6 or 83. 3% were actually second generation immigrants who had been born in the US (the other individual had moved to the US as an 8 y/o, and had lived in the US almost 30 years. When you are an American-born citizen who has been exposed to Western society since birth, you cannot say that it was a genuine misunderstanding due to being from a vastly different culture/country. I know that I cannot be the only one to notice that certain foreign cultures are less accepting of SWers in comparison to Western ones, and are often very hostile and downright inhumane. While I have absolutely no problem with Indian people in my personal and long-term professional life, I am reluctant to deal with Indian men in my job as a provider as a result of my previous experience. The next time I am contacted by a prospective client who is Indian, I will probably require a deposit, because Im sick of wasting my time and money on clients who think Im gullible enough to give them full service in exchange for a fucking IOU. Finally, I do not want to start a race war, and please do not post any racial slurs, etc., but out of curiosity, have all you fellow SWers noticed any pattern in terms of race/culture when it comes to the problem clients who try to cheat you out of getting paid? If so, which race/ethnicity has it been? Sometimes, I have actually seen ads posted by SWers that explicitly say they do not wanted to be contacted by clients of a certain race. I would never do that because I certainly dont think all Indian clients must be the exact same, and Im sure there are wonderful clients out there who are Indian, but I dont feel guilty about asking for additional protection when it comes to Indian men. Also, just for reference, I would say that my prospective clients are as follows: 45% Caucasian, 35% Asian (non-Indian) 5% African American, 5% Latino, and 10% Indian. Apart from the Indians, all of the other clients who have tried to either steal my services/bully me into lowering my rates/ask for a freebie, etc., have all been Caucasian men (even though 90% of my Caucasian clients are respectful of me and my time. Every single Asian, Latino, and African American client has been respectful, as well.

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