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Country=USA Runtime=1 H 40min Faleena Hopkins 32 Votes ratings=7,8 of 10 star release Date=2019. Just one more kiss quotes. Just One More kiss kiss. Just one more kiss buck tick.

Nostalgia de respeito. 2012-2019. Brasil aqui disponível... 😍😍🇧🇷🎧😚👍

Just One More kiss fm. Just one more kiss movie online. Just one more kiss meme. Just kiss me one more time lyrics. Just One More Kiss ( ワンモア キッス Wan moa kissu? ) is the 73rd chapter of the manga and it is also the fourth and final chapter of the Dojo Destroyer Arc. Shampoo pastes packets of the Instant Spring onto the Dojo Destroyer 's vital spots, but Ranma without thinking hits all of them. Shampoo saves one packet, but tells Ranma he must kiss her again in order to get it. Plot Overview Continuing from the Previous Chapter Ranma hits the Dojo Destroyer, but gets surrounded by a cloud of smoke. Ranma looks at the Dojo Destroyer 's forehead and thinks to herself about how once she gets the Instant Nannīchuan Powder she can become a full male again. The Destroyer then launches several Dojo signs at Ranma while Shampoo watches on from his shoulders. Ranma easily manages to get past the Destroyers attack and manages to land a kick on the powder packet on his forehead. Soun excitedly notes Ranma's achievement in hitting the Destroyer, when suddenly a cloud of smoke appears and seemingly engulfs the Destroyer and Ranma. Cautious, Ranma backs off and sees through a gap in the smoke that the powder packet has disappeared. Shampoo then explains that she put fireworks in the packets which explode when Ranma hits them. Akane remembers where Shampoo placed the packets and realises that they were all placed on the Destroyer's vital spots. She then shouts out to Ranma that she has to defeat the Destroyer without hitting his vital spots and then asks Ranma what she's going to do. However, Ranma reveals that she already hit all the packets, upsetting her. As the Destroyer falls to the ground, Shampoo tells Ranma that she shouldn't have helped Akane. As the Destroyer lands, Akane shouts at Shampoo for trying to pin the blame on her. Ranma, meanwhile, jumps towards Shampoo and asks for forgiveness from her, much to the confusion of Akane. Shampoo takes out another Nannīchuan packet and tells Ranma that this is the last one. Ranma quickly tries to grab it, but Shampoo moves out of the way before she can do so. Shampoo then proceeds to pour hot water over Ranma and tells him that if he wants it then he has to give her one more kiss. The Destroyer Revives Soun and Akane hear this. While Akane is left silent, Soun realises what this means and angrily asks Ranma if this means he's kissed Shampoo already, which Ranma outrightly denies as Shampoo asks him why he's so shy all-of-a-sudden. Soun then goes to Ranma and demands to know what exactly they did on their date. As Ranma panics at what Soun's thinking about what they did on the date, Shampoo says that just remembering makes her heart flutter. Akane grabs the Nannīchuan packet after Shampoo kicks it out of Ranma's hand. Just then the Destroyer starts to stand back up again, which gives Ranma the chance he needed to grab the powder packet from Shampoo while she's distracted. However, Soun tells Ranma he's not finished with him yet, allowing Shampoo to kick the packet out of Ranma's hand and remind him he won't get it until he kisses her. After Shampoo kicks the packet across the room, Akane catches it as it comes towards her. Ranma runs towards Akane, as Shampoo chases after him. The Destroyer then begins throwing more Dojo signs at the pair, which they avoid (Akane just stands still as the signs hit the wall around her). Ranma then sees a sign about to hit Akane, so kicks her out of the way while he grabs the sign. Akane then suddenly asks Ranma if he kissed Shampoo, to which Ranma replies that he didn't. This causes Akane to ask if Shampoo kissed him instead, but Ranma denies that as well, angering Akane into demanding to know just who he did kiss. The Lies Continue Shampoo's faux fantasy of Ranma preparing to kiss her. Shampoo then suddenly comes out with how Ranma told her he loves her. She then says that Ranma swept her up and describes his kisses like rain on parched earth. As Akane stands shocked, Ranma flips over a table in anger while declaring that that isn't what happened. Akane takes Shampoo's words for fact and lowly tells Ranma that it was him who did the kissing. Ranma is slightly angered that Akane thinks he would play with a girl's emotions just to cure his little problem. He then takes the packet from Akane and rips it up as proof of his position, much to the shock of the others. Ranma then thinks about how Akane thinks this even after he came to her defence. This sets Akane back, who begins to apologise to Ranma and then starts quivering and crying. As Akane does this, Ranma thinks to himself about how much of a dope Akane is as the packet he just ripped up was one of Shampoo's fakes. Akane then falls to her knees and begs Ranma for forgiveness and tells him she'll do anything to make it up to him. Ranma then tells Akane that she seems to have learned her lesson. He then tells Akane that to make it up to him, she has to give him her lunches for a month; do his homework for him and do something about her macho personality and musclebound body of hers. Akane agrees to the terms if it makes Ranma happy. Soun finds this situation interesting, as Kasumi asks Soun if he agrees that these are rather odd things for Ranma to request to make up for losing a cure for his curse. The Destroyer reveals the Nannīchuan packet in Ranma's hair, foiling Ranma's plan. Suddenly the Destroyer reappears and pulls out the real Nannīchuan packet out of Ranma's hair while calling him a liar. With he plan unravelled, Ranma in left in a panicked shock while the Tendos remain silent. Ranma then quickly kicks the Destroyer into the air while telling him this is none of his business, as the Destroyer flies off her calls Ranma a liar once again. Akane then dries her eyes and tries to say something to Ranma, to which Ranma's immediate response is to tell Akane just to say it. Akane then thanks Ranma for helping her. This worries Ranma slightly, who asks Akane if that's all. Akane says that she wanted to thank him before she says... Akane then hits Ranma while screaming "Ranma you liar!! ". Ranma and Genma are left devastated when they learn the powder only works once. That evening, Ranma and Genma try the Nannīchuan Powder and jump into the Koi pond. When they remain male the two are overjoyed and don't want to leave the pond. Akane eventually tells them that they'll catch their death from the cold, but Soun and Kasumi tell her to leave them be since they're happy at least. Meanwhile, at the Cat Café, Shampoo tells her Great-Grandmother about her putting them through hell for something that only works once. This amuses her Great-Grandmother greatly, while Shampoo notes that she had a very fun day. Back in the Tendo Dojo, a rainstorm has come in and the water has turned Ranma and Genma into their cursed forms, leaving them devastated. As Akane holds an umbrella to shield herself from the rain, she tells the pair that now they're really going to catch a cold. Soun solemnly tells Akane to let them be. Cast in Order of Appearance Dojo Destroyer Ranma Saotome (female) Shampoo (human) Soun Tendo Akane Tendo Kasumi Tendo Ranma Saotome (male) Genma Saotome (human) Nabiki Tendo Cologne Genma Saotome (panda) Quotes Trivia References See Also v · d · e Shonen Sunday Volume 8 Instant Spring · No Need For Ranma · The Destroyer Strikes · Just One More Kiss · Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo? · Romeo? Romeo? Romeo?! · Not Your Typical Juliet · A Kiss to the Victor · Quest for the Hidden Spring · The Trouble with Girls' Locker Rooms · From the Spring, Springs a Message v · d · e Viz Media Volume 6 The Evil Wakes · He's Something Else · Bathhouse Battle · Moonlight Serenade · The Wrath of Happosai · The Scent of a Woman · Fathers Know Best · Instant Spring · No Need For Ranma · The Destroyer Strikes · Just One More Kiss.

Just one more kiss buck-tick.

Just one more kiss buck tick live

So Beautiful …. Just one more kiss pillow. LOVE J GEILS. THIS FITS JUST RIGHT. SHARE PLEASE. ANN. Feature debut by writer/director Faleena Hopkins, Just One More Kiss is a tragic ghost love story about Abby and Max, a happily married couple torn apart by a freak accident. “Til death do us part” wasn’t nearly long enough, and his ghost returns to help her heal. But with a second chance to be together, how do you say goodbye to true love twice?

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They are commonly credited as one of the founders of the visual kei movement. Their musical style is very hard to describe as they keep changing it and developing their music all the time. The band members are 櫻井敦司 (Sakurai Atsushi) (vocals), 今井 寿(Imai Hisashi) (guitars, noises, electronics, vocals), 星野 英彦 (Hoshino Hidehiko) (guitars, chorus), 桶口豊 (Higuchi Yutaka) (bass) and ヤガミ・トール (Yagami Toll) (drums). BUCK-TICK have performed with, for example, Marilyn Manson, KMFDM, Soft Ballet, Luna Sea and Th… read more BUCK-TICK is a Japanese rock band, formed by Imai Hisashi in 1985 in Gunma, Japan. Their musical style is very … read more BUCK-TICK is a Japanese rock band, formed by Imai Hisashi in 1985 in Gunma, Japan. Their musical style is very hard to describe as they keep changing it and … read more View full artist profile View all similar artists.

Just one more kiss film. Just one more kiss song. PVじゃねーじゃんって思ってしまった. Just one more kiss trailer. 💙💙💙💙💙リアルバンコラン💙💙💙💙💙💙. Just one more kiss before i go. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigation Jump to search Not to be confused with Just One Kiss. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Find sources:   "Just One More Kiss" Buck Tick song  –  news   · newspapers   · books   · scholar   · JSTOR ( January 2013) ( Learn how and when to remove this template message) "Just One More Kiss" Single by Buck Tick from the album Taboo Released October 26, 1988 Format CD, cassette Recorded July 7–14, 1988 Genre Post-punk Length 10: 05 Label Victor Entertainment Songwriter(s) Lyrics: Atsushi Sakurai Music: Hisashi Imai Producer(s) Buck-Tick Buck Tick singles chronology " To-Search " (1986) " Just One More Kiss " (1988) " Aku no Hana " (1988) " Just One More Kiss " is the second single by the Japanese rock band Buck Tick. It was released on October 26, 1988 by Victor Entertainment as the band's major label debut. [1] Contents 1 Description 2 Track listing 3 Musicians 4 References Description [ edit] It was the second single released by Buck Tick in two years. It reached number 5 on the Oricon Chart and charted for 20 weeks of 1989. The song earned the band a nomination for Best New Artist at the 30th Japan Record Awards. Track listing [ edit] Track Title Length Lyrics Music 1 "Just One More Kiss" 5:06 Atsushi Sakurai Hisashi Imai 2 "TO-SEARCH" 4:59 Musicians [ edit] Atsushi Sakurai - Voice Hisashi Imai - Electric guitar Hidehiko Hoshino - Electric and acoustic guitar Yutaka Higuchi - bass Toll Yagami - Drums References [ edit] ^ [1] v t e Buck-Tick Hidehiko Hoshino Yutaka Higuchi Toll Yagami Araki Studio albums Hurry Up Mode Sexual XXXXX! Seventh Heaven Taboo Aku no Hana Kurutta Taiyou Darker Than Darkness -Style 93- Six/Nine Cosmos Sexy Stream Liner One Life, One Death Kyokutou I Love You Mona Lisa Overdrive Juusankai wa Gekkou Tenshi no Revolver Memento Mori Razzle Dazzle Yume Miru Uchuu Arui wa Anarchy Atom Miraiha No. 9 Singles " To-Search " " Just One More Kiss " " Aku no Hana " " Speed " " M・A・D " " Jupiter " " Dress " " Die " " Uta " " Kodou " " Mienai Mono o Miyo to Suru Gokai Subete Gokai da " " Candy " " Heroin " " Sasayaki " " Gessekai " " Bran-New Lover " " Miu " " Glamorous " " 21st Cherry Boy " " Kyokutou Yori Ai no Komete " " Zangai " " Gensou no Hana " " Romance " " Dress (Bloody Trinity Mix) " " Kagerou " " Rendezvous " " Alice in Wonder Underground " " Heaven " " Galaxy " " Dokudanjou Beauty " " Kuchizuke " " Elise no tame ni " " Miss Take: Boku wa Miss Take " " Love Parade/Steppers -Parade- " " Keijijou Ryusei " " New World " EPs Romanesque LTD Remix albums Hurry Up Mode (1990 Mix) Symphonic Buck-Tick in Berlin Shapeless Live albums Sweet Strange Live Disc One Life, One Death Cut Up At the Night Side Compilation albums Koroshi no Shirabe: This Is Not Greatest Hits Catalogue 1987–1995 BT 97BT99 Super Value Buck-Tick Catalogue 2005 Catalogue Victor→Mercury 87–99 Catalogue Ariola 00–10 Tribute albums Parade -Respective Tracks of Buck-Tick- Parade II -Respective Tracks of Buck-Tick- Videos Akuma to Freud -Devil and Freud- Climax Together Related articles Discography Songs Schwein Schweinstein Son of Schweinstein Schaft Switchblade Switch This 1980s single -related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Retrieved from " (Buck_Tick_song)&oldid=878071218 " Categories: 1988 singles Buck-Tick songs 1988 songs Victor Entertainment singles Songs with lyrics by Atsushi Sakurai Songs with music by Hisashi Imai 1980s single stubs Hidden categories: Articles needing additional references from January 2013 All articles needing additional references Articles with hAudio microformats All stub articles.

Just One More Kiss (2019) 1hr 41min  |   English  |  Morning Dove Pictures and BarBhouse Productions What if you had more time with the one you lost? For Max and Abby, 'til death do us part isn't long enough when Max is accidentally killed, and his ghost returns to help her get over him. Just One More Kiss, a ghost love story, because it's about time we had another one. In theaters Feb. 20, 2020. Streaming soon afterward. Novel available on all major platforms under the same name, by writer-director Faleena Hopkins.

Critics Consensus No consensus yet. Tomatometer Not Yet Available TOMATOMETER Total Count: N/A Coming soon Release date: Feb 18, 2019 Audience Score Ratings: Not yet available Just One More Kiss Ratings & Reviews Explanation Movie Info "Till death do us part" wasn't nearly long enough for Max and Abby, a happily married couple when an accident took Max away. As Abby struggles with life without Max something strange happens, Max's ghost returns to help her get over him. But with a second chance to be together, neither wants to say goodbye again... Rating: NR Genre: In Theaters: Feb 18, 2019 limited Runtime: 101 minutes Cast Critic Reviews for Just One More Kiss There are no critic reviews yet for Just One More Kiss. Keep checking Rotten Tomatoes for updates! Audience Reviews for Just One More Kiss Just One More Kiss Quotes Movie & TV guides.

Just one more kiss and we will go down in h. この曲ライブのほうが良いね. フルフル作のMVです! 大好き. Hey guys, this is my first Chenzel fanfic, hope you enjoy. Unless I get reads and comments for me to continue, this will remain a one-shot. Kristin slid into her front row seat. She didn't know what the hell she was doing here; at Idina's show. Not after the way she and Idina had ended their "relationship"-whatever that had been. Kristin supposed they had been "friends with benefits. " But Kristin had fallen hard for Idina and from the nights spent in closets, dressing rooms, and each other's apartments, she thought Idina had loved her too. But Idina had gone and married Taye, had a baby, and lived what seemed like a happy life. Without Kristin. Now Idina was divorced and hell -maybe that was why Kristin was sitting here, waiting for If/Then to start. Maybe, after all this time, she still wasn't over Ms. Menzel. And she hoped that maybe, just maybe, Idina's entire marriage to one Taye Diggs was an act, a show, and Idina loved her too. Finally, the tall brunette came on stage. At first, she didn't notice Kristin, sitting right there in her seat in the front row, but when she did, her voice cracked and as the lights dimmed, Idina ran offstage. She told her understudy to take over the role for the night and hurried into her dressing room, locking the door behind her. Kristin couldn't be here, not now, not just when Idina was beginning to get over her. A soft knocking on the door stopped Idina's frantic pacing. She froze as she heard an unmistakable voice on the other side. "Dee? " Kristin. What the hell was she doing here? Idina recalled the last time she had seen Kristin. The day she broke not only the little blonde's heart, but also her own. Kristin heard Idina's pounding on the door but made no move to get up from her ball on the floor. The tears started to fall harder as she really thought about the events of the morning. It had started out normal enough. She woke up in Idina's arms, same as she did so many mornings these days. Everything was fine until Kristin passed the kiosk and the picture of Idina with Taye. The headline was something along the lines of "Congratulations to the soon-to-be Mrs. Diggs! " Kristin didn't know exactly what it said. Nor did she care. She couldn't see very well as she ran the final block to the theatre, tears blurring her vision. She ran past everyone inside, including Idina, who tried to stop her, but Kristin just kept running. How could she have been so stupid? Falling for Idina when she knew she would only end up with her heart broken, like she always did. She'd thought Idina was different but apparently, she was wrong. Kristin ran through the seemingly never ending maze of doors and hallways until she reached her dressing room. She looked the door behind her before collapsing into her ball on the floor, where sobs wracked her tiny frame. Now Idina was beating on the door but Kristin barely seemed to notice, occupied with her own grief. "Kristin! Open the door! " She heard that. "Why? So you can shove your ring in my face? " Kristin yelled, now not only upset, but angry. She had to find out from a paper, not even Idina herself. "Kris, that's not fair. " Kristin flew up and jerked open the door. "Not fair? You know what's not fair? You leading me on all this time! Making me fall in love with you only to break my heart like you promised you wouldn't! You going off and getting married! That's not fair! I thought you loved me! " "I do love you, damn it! More than I'll ever love anyone else! But I wanted to end this -whatever this is- before either of us got hurt. So I said yes to Taye. But only because I don't want to lose you! " "Yeah, well, you know what? It's too late. You just did. " Kristin watched as tears filled Idina's eyes. Kristin wanted to apologize and fall into Idina's arms one last time, but stood her ground. "Kris, you don't mean that. " "Yes, I do. Now get out of my dressing room. I never want to speak to you again. " That had been ten years ago. And Kristin's wish had come true. That was the last time they'd spoken. "Idina? " Kristin called again. Idina slowly walked over to the door and opened it. "Kristin, why are you here? " "I came to see the show. forgot you were the lead until it was too late. " "That's a lie and we both know it. " "I don't know why I'm here. " Kristin answered honestly. "I still love you Dee. I'm never going to get over you. I guess I was hoping you loved me too. " Kristin could see the pain in Idina's face. "I told you I loved you more I would ever love anyone else ten years ago. I meant it. And it's still true. But I broke both of our hearts once, I'm not going to put myself in a position to do it ever again. You're better off without me, Kris. You always were. " "Idina, that's not true! I need you now just as much as I did ten years ago! I realize now what you meant when you said you married Taye because you loved me. I understand! Please, just give us a chance! " "Don't you see? I can't! Not again, not after last time. I only ended up hurting everyone involved! You, myself, Taye, Walker, everybody. You're the reason Taye and I got a divorce. He knows I love you, he always has, even though I've never actually told him. And he finally got tired of me, knowing that I would never love him the way I love you. And Walker has to deal with our divorce and he blames me, I know he does. He's practically told me as much. And you. God, Kristin, there isn't a day that goes by when I don't think of how I broke you and then just walked away, leaving you there crying. I can't risk putting anybody through that again. I don't think I could live with myself. " Kristin could tell Idina was done talking. About them, about everything. "Just one more kiss. Please, and I'll never bother you again. " Kristin begged. Idina found herself nodding, though she didn't know why. Kristin leaned in and their lips touched only for a moment before Kristin was deepening the kiss, Idina allowing it for only a few seconds before pulling away, frightened of what she might let herself do if it continued. "Please go. " She told Kristin. Kristin turned and started to leave. She turned around one last time. "I love you so much Idina. I always will. And if you ever change your mind, well, I'm sure you still have my number. " Kristin turned and walked out before Idina could see the tears streaming down her face. Idina watched through tear filled eyes as the petite little blonde figure grew smaller and smaller as she walked down the hallway, leaving Idina behind in her dressing room, where a certain tall brunette wanted nothing more than to run after her.

なんか歌い始めおねえに見えてしまった✨. Disclaimer: Fairy Tail and its characters belong to Hiro Mashima and the publishers. All rights reserved. Chapter 1: Just Once If you love someone, let them go. If they come back, then hold onto them and never let go. That's her new mantra. That's her current motto. If she doesn't make herself believe that, she would completely fall apart into pieces, unable to be patched back. Right now, those words are the scotch tape that holds onto her tattered pieces. Those words are the bandage the keeps the blood from oozing out. Yes, Juvia Lockser is broken-hearted. She just witnessed the man, whom she's head over heels in love with, took an oath and slipped a wedding ring into the fourth finger of his girlfriend (now-wife) of five months. Five months! Can you believe it? That's how long it took Juvia the courage to call him by his name! And yet this girl only took five months to hear the words Juvia longed to hear for more than five years. Amidst the loud cheering and gleeful congratulations from the guests, Juvia stood frozen on the ground. There was a stiff smile on her face, but water was welling in her eyes. She needed to get out. Soon she found herself at the hotel's balcony, away from the joyous celebration inside the party hall. The view was the illuminated garden path. The velvety sky was the colour of midnight blue. Glistening stars littered it, giving the atmosphere such a romantic feel. "Ugh, " she let out finally. "Worst day! " "You think so too? " A gruff voice pulled her out of her own world. Her head snapped to her left to stare at the man standing a few feet away. A cigarette was sticking on the side of his lips. A glass of liquor, with ice clanking the side walls, was held tightly in his left hand. He placed it on the wide balcony railing. He took a puff of his cig and proceeded to crush it on the marble floor. No class at all, was what Juvia thought. "In love with the groom? " he asked without looking at her. Juvia frowned. Did he hear her thoughts? "What are you talking about? " she managed to say. She wasn't in the mood for this type of conversation, especially with a stranger with pink hair. "Don't tell me you're like my love rival for Luce's attention? Ugh, that stupid ice princess was enough. " "Juvia doesn't really comprehend what you're saying, Mr. Pink Stranger. " He laughed a very delicious laugh. It was the kind of laugh that could be infectious — like a little kid who got so enamoured with the simplest pleasures. "You talk funny, Juvia. " Her frown was getting more and more pronounced. She was aware her speech pattern can be bewildering to many, but what can she do? She grew up with a strict and eccentric uncle who taught her that pronouns I and ME sound so arrogant and disrespectful. Even after leaving her uncle's care, Juvia just never got around to changing her speech style. But, this pink-haired stranger didn't need to know her backstory. "Juvia hasn't introduced herself to you formally, so you have no privilege to call her name so casually. " "Aww, Juv, why so cold? " he winked at her. He picked up his liquor glass, took a whiff, and then gulped it in one shot. He eyed the untouched wine glass in Juvia's hand. "You should drink something stronger to cure the pain of a broken heart, " he gave an unsolicited advice, ending his statement with a toothy smile. Juvia considered splashing the pinkette the contents of her drink, but decided she didn't want a scene. "Why are you acting as if you know what goes on in Juvia's head? " He shrugged. "Cause you're showing the same expression as me. " He fully turned to face her, and then extended his hand. "Name's Natsu Dragneel. Lucy Heartfilia-now-known-as-shitty-Fullbuster, unless I do something about it, best friend, ex-boyfriend, former fiancé, childhood playmate, first sex partner, first kiss, and neighbour-since-birth. " He waited for Juvia to shake his hand. When she made no move, he inched closer and took her hand himself. He shook it vigorously, but didn't let go until Juvia pulled her hand away. "Juvia. " "That's it? Come on, woman, gimme more. We're both bored here, drinking our sorrows away. " She decided to humour him. "Juvia Lockser. Marketing Manager at Fiore International Media, Magnolia branch. Gray Fullbuster's co-worker and friend. Hates pink items that talk. " Natsu laughed that laugh again. Juvia remained stoic. "Unrequited love, huh? " He stepped closer to Juvia, his green eyes staring directly at her sapphire ones. If there's one thing Juvia truly hated, aside from rain of course, was when someone couldn't mind their own business. Juvia already hates him. "Aww, don't be like that, " he whined. "Oh, Juvia didn't think you'd hear it. " Natsu snorted. "I happen to have great sense of hearing. Anyway, your refusing to answer my question gave it away. I guess you're in love with that Fullbuster-dick, huh. " "Don't tarnish Gray's name like that, Pink boy! " Juvia shot daggers at him. In her annoyance, she downed the whole wine within seconds. She huffed and turned sideways so she wouldn't face him. Funny though why she didn't just walk away. But what were her options? Go back inside the reception hall and be witness to the suffocating cheeriness of the happy couple yet again? The first moment she laid eyes on Gray, Juvia already planned a much better wedding reception. This one paled in comparison to what she had in mind. Hmmph, Gray's loss… "Wanna leave this boring event and go to the hotel's bar? I heard they have a great collection of liquor. We can put it under FullBALLSter's tab! " Juvia once again glared at him. Thirty minutes later, she slammed her who-knows-how-many-now empty shot glass on the mahogany counter of the hotel bar. The pink-haired dude proved to be a better drinking companion than she expected. The bartender was eyeing them, but professionalism kept him from saying anything. The two were blatantly dissing a bimbo named Lucy and a small dick called Gray. He left them be after delivering another decanter of liquor. After forty-five minutes of heavy drinking, Natsu brought her to his hotel room. It was Juvia who suggested they have sex. ## ## ## Moans and grunts. Clothes being ripped from the flesh. The taste of smooth skin, leaving bites and marks all over. It was a wild rendezvous but only two participants were present. When his lips weren't on hers, it was trailing every part she was allowing. She never really complained. Rather, she let him have her. When foreplay was over, there was some scrambling for protection, and she frustratingly touched her aching self. As soon as he sheathed himself, he pounced and slammed, driving both of them to indescribable ecstasy. Both only lasted one round. ## ## ## Natsu felt cold and warm at the same time. Without even opening his eyes, he knew the coldness came from being completely exposed and naked. The warmth came from the skin contact on top of his chest. He was drunk, but he was aware of his night activity. Finally, he cracked open a lid and immediately saw a blue head resting on his upper body. The owner of the blue head had her bare and quite plump breasts pressed against his side. God, he hoped his "treasure" wouldn't stand erect and firm from just the thought of it. Natsu tried to device a way to move the woman named Juvia without waking her up. The last thing he wanted was an angry one-night stand. He preferred his one-night stands to be casual and nonchalant. Sorta, oh thanks, bye, let's not see each other again. That's how he always rolled. She began to stir and Natsu quickly closed his eyes. He would just put on his best act of a sleeping, still drunk man. Juvia felt her throat to be completely dry, so she coughed a little. She felt sticky all over and quite sore. Sudden dawning of the previous night's rendezvous with a 'pink stranger'! When was the last time she had sex? The year after graduation in university? God, that long, huh! A blanket was partially draped over her, but she didn't feel cold. The man who became her pillow provided her enough warmth for a comfortable sleep. Yup, Juvia had a good night's sleep! She drank a lot, but she was aware of what she did and said. Heck, she was the one who gave into her arousal first. In Juvia's mind, why not experience a mindless, no-emotions-involved sex when her heart was already crushed into pieces? Nothing wrong with that. Juvia slowly sat up and pulled the blanket to cover her naked body. The pink-haired stranger named Natsu was still fast asleep, softly snoring. She rose from the bed cautiously, praying to the powers there be that he wouldn't wake. She's never done this before—one-night stand. Part of her felt a little liberated for taking such a risk; part of her felt pathetic. She gathered her belongings strewn all over the floor, and then glanced at the pink-haired stranger. Amazingly, he was still fast asleep. Juvia proceeded to the bathroom. She slowly zipped up the green dress and checked herself in the mirror. She's not too fond of the colour green, but this was the theme Gray's now-wife chose. Surprisingly, or maybe not, Juvia wasn't even asked to be included in the entourage. She and Lucy were civil with each other, but there was this awkwardness around them. Smoothing over her wavy blue tresses, Juvia deemed herself ready for the walk-of-shame. Tiptoeing, she opened the bathroom door. It was still silent. But when she stepped out, her one-night stand sat on the bed, wearing only his slacks, checking his phone. She thought about retreating to the bathroom once again, but he instantly looked up. Natsu cleared his throat. "Bathroom hogger. " He stood up, strolled past her, and made shut the bathroom door behind him. Juvia stood frozen on the spot, unable to make an automatic decision on what to do. Should she leave without saying anything? Should she wait and make things more uncomfortable? When her mind egged her to just leave, Natsu came out of the bathroom. "Oh, you're still here, " he stated. He still didn't cover his exposed upper body. "Uhhh… thanks for last night, I guess. " Juvia let her eyes roam around the room without looking at him. "Yeah sure. I won't see you ever again, so…" She turned around and headed to the door. "Bye! " Natsu didn't respond at all. That went better than he thought. to be continued... a/n: To those who know me, you're probably wondering why am I starting a new fic! I don't know either... I have several ongoing fics that I couldn't update, and yet I uploaded a new one. But, I just needed to get this out of my head. It's supposed to be an original one (I wanted to upload on Wattpad), but I just pictured Juvia and Natsu... and I can't help just making it a fan fiction. the majority of the perspective will be on Natsu and Juvia, but I will include Gray and Lucy as well. Be warned that this will be a love-square... All I ask from you guys is to leave a comment if the fic has potential and to keep going with it. Thank you and I hope you all enjoyed it! Uploaded: 080316 | Edited: 101216.

Just One More Kiss - Movie Trailers - iTunes. Just one more kiss and you'll be mine. Just One More kiss of life. POPEK STARY SKURWYSYN ! KOZAK NUTA POZDRO FIRMA. Just One More kissing. Just one more kiss video. Tumblr Log in Sign up. Just One More kiss. 貴重映像!upしてくれてありがとう!. I adore this warp day live concert, this one is so epicccc. I've been looking for this song for years, let me tell you! Love it! 😍. JUST ONE MORE KISS, dig your nails in my hips. " Just One More Kiss " is the second single by the Japanese rock band Buck Tick. It was released on October 26, 1988 by Victor Entertainment as the band's major label debut. [1] Description It was the second single released by Buck Tick in two years. It reached number 5 on the Oricon Chart and charted for 20 weeks of 1989. The song earned the band a nomination for Best New Artist at the 30th Japan Record Awards. Track listing Track Title Length Lyrics Music 1 "Just One More Kiss" 5:06 Atsushi Sakurai Hisashi Imai 2 "TO-SEARCH" 4:59 Hisashi Imai Musicians Atsushi Sakurai - Voice Hisashi Imai - Electric guitar Hidehiko Hoshino - Electric and acoustic guitar Yutaka Higuchi - bass Toll Yagami - Drums References This page was last edited on 12 January 2019, at 20:38.

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